Traditional Quebec recipe: Pate Chinois |

Traditional Quebec recipe: Pate Chinois

Paté Chinois

(with accent circonflexe ^ above a in "paté")


ground beef (previously browned with some onion, salt and pepper)
cream-style corn
mashed potatoes (mashed with butter/margarine, milk, salt and pepper)


In baking dish, layer ground beef, then cream corn, then mashed potatoes. Bake 30 minutes at 350*F.


For all ingredients and seasonings, adjust amounts to your liking, and to the number of people you are serving. Eg. 1 lb beef + 1 can cream corn + 7 potatoes for 5-6 people.


In Quebec, it is often served with Ketchup.


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Grew up eating this in Montreal. Was designed during the depression days. Came to California at 5 years old. Still having it the old way with or without onions, have added dry onions to the meat. Try that. Adds zest to it. You can't make a bad one.


I add frozen peas to the mix..same layer as the cream style corn.......try it it's really good


Beverly Massachusetts

My mother in law made this same recipe and my mother made it with ground ham, cream corn, sometimes diced vegetables and mashed potato topped with grated cheese


Canadian Lakes, MI

love it,that's the food i grew up on .living in lewiston maine. believe it or not my dad taught us to eat the with bologna. you use a slice as sort of a taco shell,yum. i know you're saying it sounds discusting.try it once and you'll be hooked too.


lakeland florida

This is really the same as my Mom used to make while growing up in Quebec except my Mom always put a crust on top and it really made a great meal, it was always served with ketchup.I sometime use sucotash(corn/lima beans) and my husband loves it that way.


Bluffton SC

This is actually a French Canadian dish not exclusive to the province of Quebec.


Ottawa, Canada

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I think that you should not have so many advertisments on the side because I need to print this off and I need it to look professional for a gr.12 project thanks bye bye


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