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A Handbook of Umra & Hajj

By Sarwar Alam Raz

Table of Content:

1. How to use this book

2. Glossary

3. Before You Leave
    Who Must Perform Hajj
    Things to Take

4. Arriving in Saudi Arabia
    At Meeqat
    Obligations of Ihram
    Jeddah & Mecca
    Travel Within
    The Do's and Dont's
    Prices in SA

5. Umra & Hajj
    Mina, Arafat...
    Tawaful Wida

6. Prayers & Supplications
    At Maqam-o-Ibrahim
    At Multazam
    Tawaf { First Shawt
    Second Shawt
    Third Shawt
    Fourth Shawt
    Fifth Shawt
    Sixth Shawt
    Seventh Shawt

7. Flow Diagram for Umra

8  Flow Diagram for Hajj


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