sound vision

From #NoBanNoWall, #BlackLivesMatter, to #ChildrenInCages, Muslim voices are rising together and in sync with our allies. The future of Muslims in America is in all of our hands. Silence is not an option. 

Sound Vision does its part by focusing on Strategic Communications on behalf of the Muslim community, concentrating on public relations, media outreach and resource development. We fight on behalf of Muslims, for the Rohingya as Burma Task force and the Uyghurs in China. Our Talking Points & Thinking Points help to manage crises; Adams World provides education for Muslim children; the Crisis Text Line helps at-risk youth; and Radio Islam reaches our neighbors and friends everyday with thoughtful and timely interviews and commentary. 

Through careful use of a major public relations firm, we overcome and anticipate challenges in a proactive manner. We work to develop our youth through internships and media training programs.  

Now, more than ever, it’s critical that Muslims and our allies work harder, smarter, and together in liberating America from rising hatred, prejudice and fear.

Join Linda Sarsour & Amr Kawji and stand with Sound Vision. 

Sound Vision team has made multiple efforts to influence media and has been satisfied with the results. We have been organizing media trainings across the country. We are also looking to train media spokespersons in various communities.


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