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Trainings offered by Sound Vision

As a part of Strategic Communication initiative Sound Vision has developed several trainings which we partner with communities to offer. Here is the list of these trainings currently available.

Please contact Nargis Naqvi at for booking.


The largest number of Muslim students attend the weekend Islamic schools. But most of the teachers are untrained. They struggle to make the best use of the few hours at their disposal which frustrates them as well as students. This training program is designed to compensate for that critical deficiency.

  • Target Audience: Teachers of Weekend Islamic School or supplemental Islamic Education
  • Short certification course: 2 days four hours each day or one day 7 hours
  • What is covered: 
    • Teacher demos on age related topics; How to handle specific challenges; How to create a lesson plan; how to manage school environment
  • Long certification Teacher Training course: up to 40 hour course (varies per organization and will be ready in September 2022)
  • What is covered:
    • Baseline of teacher’s own character
    • Understanding the diversity in classrooms and the legislations
    • Demo practice in groups on how to teach
    • Creating engaging lesson plans
    • Managing the classroom
    • Understanding the Muslim youth mind in the West
    • Arabic : How to teach it to natives and non natives
    • Quran: How to teach it to young and old
    • Resource booklet
    • How to collaborate between teachers and management
    • Management mindset
    • Handling and Involving parents 
  • Charge per institution $3,500 (Short Term training)
  • Charge per teacher (TBD) (Long course certificate)
  • Medium of Training: Online OR In -person (in person is an additional travel cost)


Young Muslims are better communicators. We trained them using the top advocates, organizers, scholars, lobbyists and public relations experts to enhance their influence in our society.

  • Target Audience:Youth 18+ and anyone wanting to be an organizer and activist
  • Long Term : 5 days, 25 hours
  • What is covered:
    1. Relational Organizing for social change
    2. Best practices of lobbying and Advocacy
    3. Developing Political relationships
    4. Living a Life of Purpose
    5. Activism the Prophetic way
    6. Mental Health & Self Care
  • Medium of Training : Online and In person (subject to availability of Trainer)
  • Charge: TBD


An increasing number of Muslims are donating to politicians. However, our influence is not increasing proportionately. As all power is local, this training is aimed at training people in constituencies to learn how to empower themselves

  • Target Audience: Muslims who want to persuade any cause through influencing the elected leaders. It can be domestic cause or it can be an international cause
  • Short Term : 1 day, 2 hours
  • What is covered:
    1. Developing Effective Message, a narrative and a clear ask
    2. The Best Way to Communicate
    3. Respecting Congressional Staffers
    4. Showing Up in Person
    5. Developing a leave behind document
    6. Follow up
  • Medium of Training : Online and In person (subject to availability of Trainer)
  • Charge: Depends if a volunteer trainer or a member of PR or lobbying firm


President Obama initially was an organizer. The trainers who trained him are recruited to offer this training. Using this organizing techniques Muslims in Chicago have brought almost $500 million dollar benefit to the Muslim community.

  • Target Audience: For future organizers and mobilizers for social change
  • Short Term : Two 90 minutes each sessions
  • What is covered:
    1. How Relational Organizing works
    2. How to break down problems into issues
  • Medium of Training : Online and In person (subject to availability of Trainer)
  • Charge: $1,000


Twitter is the choice medium of media, politicians, and other influencers. Using it effectively can connect individuals and organizations to powerful people.

  • Target Audience: Twitter is where the opinion makers and leaders are. So whoever is interested in connecting with the power brokers
  • Short Term : one 90 minutes session
  • What is covered:
    1. Best methods of influencing through twitter
    2. Dos and don’ts of twitter
  • Medium of Training : Online and In person (subject to availability of Trainer)
  • Charge: $1,000


A research lab looked into 2 million headlines of New York Times and found that its treatment of Islam and Muslims was worse than cancer. Media now often approaches Muslims who are not trained and are unable to use that opportunity to their advantage. This program trains people to be a better spokesperson.

  • Target Audience: Organization spokespersons; Mosque spokespersons; Imams, presidents
  • Short certification course: 6 hours 
  • What is covered:  
    • Day long training with journalists and practice sessions in groups on how to handle the media, what to say, preparing statements and news blasts
  • Charge per person : $200
  • Exclusive Charge per institution : $4500 (approximate)
  • Medium of Training: In person / on site


Crisis Communication is a discipline within the public relations area. Considering Muslims continue to face events which we cannot prepare for, this program trains people for that eventuality.

  • Target Audience: Leaders, presidents, board members, Imams, influencers
  • Short: 3-4 hours
  • What is covered: 
    • How to respond to the unexpected; 
    • Navigating unexpected challenges in your organization
  • Charge per organization: $3500
  • Medium of Training: In person and on-site


  • Target Audience: Not for profit organizations; Mosques; Other organizations
  • Short term training: 1 day: 5 hours
  • What is covered: 
    • Fundraising Ethics, principals,
    • Common mistakes; 
    • Donor Cultivation and Motivation;
    • Developing your plan and organizing successful events
  • Long term course: 5 day course: 2 hours each day: 10 hours
  • What is covered: Donor Stewardship ; Digital Fundraising and set up; Major Gifts; Managing relationships; Creating Strategic Vision and Plan and more
  • Short training charge: $1500 per organization
  • Long training charge: $3000 
  • Medium of Training: Zoom or In person (travel costs extra)


Young Muslims who are graduates of Islamic studies and madrasas are joining masjids as khateebs. While they are trained in Islamic studies, they are not trained as speakers and khateebs. This program is designed to help them develop in their skill sets.

  • Target Audience: Aspiring Khateebs
  • Short Term Training: 3 hours maximum
  • Long Term : 3 days: 9 hours
  • Medium of Training : Online and In person (subject to availability of Trainer)
  • Charge: $75-$150


As more attention is being paid to mental health challenges in our community, it is critical to cultivate compassionate character. This program is designed for that purpose.

  • Target Audience: Anyone in social work; Teaching ; Parenting; wanting to build empathy
  • Duration: 10 weeks / 2 hours per week
  • What is covered:
    • A resilience-informed program that helps cultivate human values as skills, to thrive as individuals and a society, within a healthy environment. By learning to calm the body and mind, become more emotionally aware and practice compassion for ourselves and others, we learn compassionate integrity: the ability to live one’s life in accordance with one’s values with a recognition of common humanity, our basic orientation to kindness and reciprocity.
  • Charge per person: $100
  • Charge per organization Minimum 20 people required ($1500)

Medium of Training: Online /Zoom


I need to know the start date of online khateeb training in July or August including  cost and trainer .



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