• Don't let the Summer Slide wreck writing skills

    The earlier a child gets habituated to writing well, the fewer bad habits they have to break, and the easier it is to internalize rules and guidelines.

    Give Your Child a Competitive Edge! According to the National Center of Education Statistics, only "twenty-four percent of students at both grades 8 and 12 performed at the Proficient level in writing in 2011.


  • 65 fun activities for this summer!

    Finding ideas to make summer fun and memorable, while being meaningful and affordable, can be difficult.

    This list of 65 fun things to do require little money but offer kids of all ages a way to spend time well, with an Islamic flavor. 


  • 10 tips to help you keep those Ramadan habits

    Ramadan was great for Sarah. She actually started praying five times a day on time. But once the blessed month is over she fears the momentum, drive and motivation that kept her going will fade out. Sarah is worried that this good habit might not last.

    The drive that pushes us to do good in Ramadan is usually not as strong the rest of the year. Here are a few things you can do to maintain the good habits you picked during Ramadan.



  • Muslim Ban 3: Talking Points & Thinking Points

    As Trump refused to follow the 20-year-old White House tradition of Iftar or Eid celebrations, the Supreme Court gave us their own “Eid gift”: The Muslim Ban 3.

    The decision by the Supreme Court can be used to deny entry to refugees running away from wars for 120 days. The decision is bound to create more confusion and lawsuits.


When tragic or violent events occur, parents may wonder about how to help their kids understand the graphic images and emotional video footage that they may see. Stephanie Marcy, PhD, psychologist at Children's Hospital Los angeles suggests a few guidelines to keep in mind so parents can be better equipped to help their children handle scary news.


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