• Servants of Allah: African Muslims enslaved in the Americas

    Abbu, the diary of a Muslim enslaved in America is being auctioned in New York. Muslims should purchase that." That's how my son alerted me to the Arabic diary kept by Omar ibn Said in North Carolina. Before we had gathered all of the information, the diary was auctioned off to a collector Derrick J. Beard, by Swann Galleries, New York. This is when my personal journey in search for the Muslim past in the Americas began several years ago.

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  • Iran-USA: Talking and Thinking Points

    It’s happening again. The ugly cycle of war-terror-dehumanization is strengthening.

    With the United States’ assassination of Iran’s army major general Qassim Soleimani and Iran’s retaliatory bombing of two Iraqi military bases housing American troops, the world has entered another dangerous stage.

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  • 9 things every Muslim must do in 2020

    As we approach the year 2020, it is critical to assess our successes and failures in 2019 and plan to make the coming year better for ourselves, our families, and our communities.

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  • Babri Masjid & Modi: Thinking Points & Talking Points

    The Supreme Court has acknowledged that the installation of idols in the Masjid was illegal. It has also called the demolishing of the Masjid in 1992, as the police and administration watched as illegal.

    However, by ruling in favor of those who committed the heinous acts, and claim it to be the birthplace of Ram with no supporting evidence, the Supreme Court has now legalized their actions by awarding the mosque and its endowment of 65 acres to Hindu extremists.

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