• Support & Promote Crisis Line

    It is a critical, much needed, and much overdue service for Muslims: a Crisis Line. Sound Vision is launching a 24/7 Crisis Line.

    We have been working on it for the last nine months. Several trained volunteers are already in place. 

    This Crisis Line can save lives in times of stress, anxiety, or depression.  Please Volunteer & Promote!


  • 10 ways to conquer anti-Muslim bullying

    While there are many excellent resources on and offline about how parents can handle bullying, there are some specific things you can do as a Musllim parent a child being bullied. Here are some suggestions.



    We don’t need your invitation to accept Islam as a way of life. We reject your beliefs and methodology as un-Islamic, and we will not be cannon fodder for you.



  • What Would Prophet Muhammad Think of ISIS?

    Does ISIS represent Islam as lived by the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him? This brochure makes it clear that the terrorist group does not.  


Sound Vision Updates

2 Essential Events to Attend

  1. Houston, TX, Dec. 2, 2017: Sound Vision Benefit with Lord Nazir, Prof. Morrow, Imam Mujahid on Ummah & Power
  2. Chicago, IL , Dec. 3, 2017: Annual Seerah Conference with Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Lord Nazir Ahmed, Dr. John Morrow, Ustadha Aqeelah Rashad, Ustadha SIeasha Prim, Shaykh Ali Altimimy, and Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid

2 Critical New Initiatives of Sound Vision

  1. Media Training: 
  2. Crisis Text Line: Sign up to be a Volunteer & Order Marketing Material


Sound Vision team has made multiple efforts to influence media and has been satisfied with the results. We have been organizing media trainings across the country. We are also looking to train media spokespersons in various communities.


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