• Youth Engagement Manual for Masjids, MSA's and Community Leaders

    For over a year, Sound Vision Team has been diligently working on developing a practical guide on youth engagement for North American Muslim youth leaders, MSA leaders, Masjid / community leaders, and Imams.

    Please order your copy today!


  • 10 Things You can do for Yourself, for Islam, and for America in 2017

    God has made each one of us a responsible being. We simply cannot leave what is critical to someone else. By adopting these action items and other ideas that you can think of in your personal capacity, while motivating the rest of the family and relatives to join in, you can become an engine of change yourself. 


  • Take "ISIS Sucks" Billboard to Times Square

    To make American Muslim voice louder than ISIS, Sound Vision has launched the #ActualMuslims campaign, which involves placing "Hey ISIS, You Suck!" billboards in high-traffic locations across the country. 

    Help us take this billboard to the Times Square in New York, the heart of American media and economy!

    Please pitch in today to support our crowdfunding campaign!


  • Youth Engagement: Basics, Benefits and Barriers

    In these difficult times, when the faith of our children is challenged and when holding on to faith is like holding onto a hot coal, engaging with our youth is, now more than ever, an honorable way to live the immaculate Prophetic example.



Muslims Launch #ActualMuslims Billboard Campaign

The #ActualMuslims billboard campaign, conceived by a group of young Chicago Muslim professionals, has so far been field tested in Chicago and Phoenix. And it had a strong positive effect on American Muslim public relations and engagement!

Achievements of #ActualMuslims Campaign so far:

  • Generated 14 million impressions
  • 25 mainstream media positively covered this campaign
  • Created a great buzz on social media and engaged countless neighbors in positive conversations

>> Media Coverage of the #ActualMuslims Campaign
>> Bring  #ActualMuslims  Billboard Campaign to Your City!
>> Public Feedback on "ISIS Sucks" Campaign
>> DONATE to #ActualMuslims Campaign Now!


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