• Support & Promote Crisis Line

    It is a critical, much needed, and much overdue service for Muslims: a Crisis Line. 

    Sound Vision is launching a 24/7 Crisis Line.

    We have been working on it for the last nine months. 

    Several trained volunteers are already in place. 

    This Crisis Line can save lives in times of stress, anxiety, or depression. 

    Please Volunteer & Promote!


  • Weekend School Teacher's Training

    Sound Vision is pleased to announce a new project focusing on the youth. 

    Our project is the Weekend School Training Day. The Weekend School Training Day is an event that will take place on April 28th, 2018 at Islamic Foundation School in Villa Park, IL.

    If you are a weekend school teacher or if you know a weekend school teacher  please Register here

    As Weekend school workers you have taken on a task that is very rewarding and important. Thousands of Muslim Youth attend Weekend Islamic Schools and often times it is their very first impression of this Deen. The work you are doing is rewarding, and it is also something that will affect the future of this Ummah.

  • Dhikr: The Remembrance Of Allah

    Dhikr, or remembrance of Allah, comprises of two main ideas: movement of your tongue and its effects in your heart. It should not only be felt as movement of your tongue, but also felt deep in your heart.

    Uttering the blessed words of “Subhan Allah” and “Alhamdu lillah” is, of course, in itself a bounty. But when you become deeply engaged in the Dhikr of Allah, you are able to truly feel the pureness and love of Allah and His religion.

    Dhikr not only resonates with the specific words, but in a wider scope, accommodates the recitation of the Quran, spreading kindness, and speaking good of others. From this, we learn that any good deed with the right intention is a form of Dhikr.

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  • The spiritual and health benefits of Ramadan fasting

    The difference between Ramadan and total fasting is the timing of the food; during Ramadan, we basically miss lunch and take an early breakfast and do not eat until dusk.

    Abstinence from water for 8 to 10 hours is not necessarily bad for health and in fact, it causes concentration of all fluids within the body, producing slight dehydration.

    The body has its own water conservation mechanism; in fact, it has been shown that slight dehydration and water conservation, at least in plant life, improve their longevity.

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Mr. Chairman, ladies and gentlemen, I need not pause to say how very delighted I am to be here tonight, and how very delighted I am to see you expressing your concern about the issues that will be discussed tonight by turning out in such large numbers. I also want to say that I consider it a great honor to share this program with Dr. Bennett, Dr. Commager, and Rabbi Heschel, some of the most distinguished leaders and personalities of our nation. And of course it’s always good to come back to Riverside Church.


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