The Life of Muhammad |

The Life of Muhammad

By Abdul Hameed Siddiqui

This is one of the best books in English on the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Concise but scholarly, Siddiqui presents the life of our great Prophet, explaining the context of his culture, society and history. He also seeks to present and refute a number of Orientalist accusations against him, something that is of value to Muslims, especially those living in the West.

In the pages below, we will Insha Allah, serialize this valuable book.

Chapter 1: Arabia Before Islam

Physical features of Arabia
The Arab Character
Social Life of the Arabs 
Economic Life
Religion of the pre-Islamic Arabs

Chapter 2: The Dawn

The Promise and the Fulfillment
The Prophet's Childhood: The Infant
The Prophet's Childhood: The Child 
Some Misinterpretations About The Prophet's Experience As A Shepherd 
The Prophet's Youth
The Trader
The Prophet's Marriage with Khadijah
The Trustworthy

Chapter 3: The Call

The Call
Longings for the Truth


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