Video review: "Adam's World 7: Born to Learn" |

Video review: "Adam's World 7: Born to Learn"

If there's any Adam's World video you should get for your older children (ages 6 and up) this is it.

Born to Learn is fantastic simply because it does what the Adam's World series was meant to do: teach kids about Islam and Muslims in a positive way.

In this episode, Adam is taught how being Muslim means seeking knowledge, which has further implications. As one of the songs in Born to Learn says, "when you learn, you know, when you practice what you know, Allah helps you grow."

Learning is also important because the transvisualizer is broken (this is the device Adam and his friend Asad use to travel to different parts of the Muslim world). The only way Asad can get it to work again is to seek the knowledge from a bunch of heavy books he has to read.

One particularly interesting segment is when Adam interviews Sr. Zahra on his talk show. She uses sign language to help deaf Muslims learn about Islam and teaches Adam how to introduce himself in sign language. This shows children how Muslims, no matter what their physical difficulties, must and do seek knowledge of Islam.

A short skit using drawings and narration explains how Muslims helped to develop the numeral system that is used today, thus illustrating one facet of our contribution to knowledge.

During a visit to the library, Adam meets neat freak Boris the librarian, who dusts books meticulously and is annoyed by the mere sight of dirt. What's even more hilarious though is that Boris is the brother of the horrid Morris Muckster! He's the character from Happy To Be A Muslim (Adam's World 2) who hasn't taken a bath in 27 years! Talk about opposites!

This meeting of siblings is also significant since Born To Learn is the first Adam's World video featuring Adam's baby sister Aneesah. The sibling rivalry begins!

Once Asad fixes the transvisualizer, he and Adam travel to Jordan, where, apart from the usual eye-catching scenes of local geography, architecture and food, we are shown the city of Petra. Once upon a time in this place, people made incredible homes of rock, which we get a glimpse of in the video. There is also a cool scene showing how beautiful glass is made in Jordan.

Finally, the story of a boy named Yusuf, whose mother sacrifices tremendously so her son can learn Islam (he later becomes a famous scholar), shows that parents aren't excluded from the duty of helping their kids learn about our Deen. Teach your children they were Born to Learn. Get this video.


May ALLAH reward you all for trying to make something for the children. But all the manners here shown are not Islamically appropriate. In this DVD at one place Adam is screaming at his mother and one place when mother told her to babysit and she will be back in a minute- Adam responded by mocking his mother. We cannot behave badly with our parents at any situation or any case. We should be always respectful towards them and that should be clear from our behavior. Here at Adam's DVD series after buying the whole series I am sort of disappointed. There are so many things that doesn't go with our Sunnah soundly. Next time while making this DVD or anything for the children please check every manners and every thing with the Quran, Sunnah not from the back home common practices.



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