Video review: "Adam's World 3: Finding Courage" |

Video review: "Adam's World 3: Finding Courage"

Orange-haired, Kufi-wearing Adam is terrified of spiders, and when he watches the movie “Icky Insect Monsters from Outer Space” featuring giant spiders, against the advice of his friend Asad, there has just got to be a lesson in all of this.

And of course, there is.

This is the third tape in the Adam's World Series entitled “Finding Courage”.

The main theme throughout this production is to always seek the help of Allah. That is how a Muslim finds courage, whether it's against the fear of spiders, scary movies or anything else.

Adam is taught about how there is no power or ability except with Allah. But instead of just talking about seeking the help of only Allah when scared, Assad, along with Brother Ali, a former guest on Adam's talk show, demonstrate in a simple how lighting is used to make people and things in the films scarier.

At the end of Finding Courage, Assad also explains to a surprised Adam how spiders play a vital function in the natural world, and how, on one occasion, a spider helped save the life of the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him.

So Adam learns to trust in Allah and turn to Him when scared, while the things he fears are explained in a way to reduce his fright .

Interspersed with the lesson on courage are a song about Salat, scenes of children and people praying, as well as a demonstration of the Adhan performed by a young Muslim.

Finding Courage makes ample use of scenes of Muslim children, from North America and abroad in prayer, at play, doing the Adhan, thereby providing Muslim kids with images of others like them.

And using the transvisualizer, a traveling machine, Adam and Asad visit Pakistan, where they see some of the country's biggest mosques, as well as Muslim kids playing cricket, in the park and at school.

If your son or daughter has developed a fear of insects, horror movies, the darkness, the bogeyman or anything (or anyone) else, Finding Courage is a great way to give them the Islamic perspective on fear and how to deal with it.


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