Video review: "Adam's World 4: Take Me To The Kaba" |

Video review: "Adam's World 4: Take Me To The Kaba"

Adam is collecting his money so that he can go for Hajj. He's hit a grand total of almost $6.00 (these are also his life savings). There might also be a problem with his means of transportation: he wants to go by skateboard.

Hajj is the focus of this video, and the Kaba its main feature. "Take me, take me take me to the Kaba. I must go there in my lifetime," goes one of the great songs on this Adam's World Video, number four in the series.

Throughout Take Me To The Kaba, you'll find a discussion of Hajj and its rites. For instance, Br. Ali, the world traveler, talks about Hajj on Adam's talk show. Ihram, kissing the Black Stone and Tawaf are some Hajj rituals shown and explained.

A story about a family who wanted to go to Hajj but changes their mind offers an understanding of a Muslim's priorities even when it comes to serious obligations like the pilgrimage.

Adam and his best friend Asad, using their trusty transvisualizer, take a trip to Islam's three holiest sites: the Kaba in Makkah, Masjid an-Nabawi in Madinah and Masjid al-Aqsa in Jerusalem. Asad explains the significance of each mosque as scenes of each one are shown.

And Adam the wonder journalist (wearing his standard trench coat and fedora hat), interviews the "man on the street", asking how much each one loves Allah.

In between these highlights are the usual skits and segments about other aspects of Islam. The letter "Ka" and "K" are shown to coin the work "Kaba" in Arabic and English. There is also a nice segment on mothers and their importance in Islam. In addition, a great segment about different kinds of fish (there's even one that looks like it was carved from a watermelon, Subhan Allah!) shows the diversity of Allah's creation.

Take Me To The Kaba is a great way of explaining this fifth pillar to Islam to kids, while teaching them about Allah's love, Arabic letters and the importance of moms in Islam.

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"I congratulate Sound Vision on its excellent work throughout the years - it was fun growing up with your educational and entertaining products, and I still enjoy them today." -A. Hussain, Ontario, Canada

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