Traditional Quebec recipe: Pate au Saumon |

Traditional Quebec recipe: Pate au Saumon

Paté au Saumon

(With accent circonflexe ^ above a in "pate")


1 or 2 small tins of salmon
4 to 5 medium-size potatoes (mashed by hand with some butter/margarine, enough milk, salt and pepper)
1 unbaked double pie crust (1 bottom + 1 lid)


Combine fish and mashed potatoes. Fill 1 unbaked pie crust, add pie pastry lid, flute edges, cut a few short slits in the top (allows steam to escape). Bake at 350*F until the dough is cooked.


1 pie.


In Quebec, it is often served with Ketchup – it just doesn't taste the same without it...

NOTE: Before trying my paté au saumon, my dad assured me that he did not like this dish because it is too dry. My paté au saumon made him change his mind, al-hamdulillah. The trick is to make the mashed potatoes creamy enough so that the fish-potato mix is like (well, for lack of a better comparison:) commercial icing: not too stiff not too runny. Also, to preserve the benefit of the high calcium content of canned salmon, I put the salmon, bones and all, in the food processor (I guess a blender would do the trick too) until the bones are crushed. I then add about half of the mashed potatoes and blend this in the machine. I then mix in the rest of the potatoes by hand. Why? Because I like the lumps :-)


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both my grandmeres ( one FRANCAISE, the other ENGLISH ) made this salmon pie - similar to yours except - onions are a must !! they added some medium hard white sauce in the pie and had extra to put on top after it was cooked -


I am from Québec, the thing I do different is I sauté some onion and garlic and break up the salmon (canned and keep the liquid to add to the mixture) in that and, then mix it all up in the seasoned mashed potatoes. I add a little milk so it is not too dry. We like it with canned tomato soup diluded with a small amount of milk.



my mother-in-law was from Gaspe and she taught me alot about cooking and her salmon pies were much improved with fried onions


Dalhousie, N.B.

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