Traditional Quebec recipe: Sucre a la Creme |

Traditional Quebec recipe: Sucre a la Creme


250mL of 35% cream
1 cup white sugar
1 cup brown sugar
a lump of butter the size of 1/2 an egg
more or less 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract (the alcohol-free kind, of course)


Boil cream and sugars together until a spoonful dropped in a glass of icy water forms a ball.
Add butter and vanilla.
Remove from heat.
Beat with a wooden spoon until it thickens.
Spread in a greased pan big/small enough to make a ~ 2 cm
thick layer. Chill until firm. Cut into not-too-big pieces.


A pan of delight.


Beating the mixture might tire you out. You can help the thickening process by placing the pot in a sink that has some cold water at the bottom.
For baking dessert squares and the like, I learned to line my pans with foil and then oil the foil, so that I later just have to lift the foil out for cutting the food – especially with non-stick pans.
Store your sucre a la crème in the fridge.


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I too had a Mamere who made Sucre a la Creme every Christmas and I always thought as a child that we were the only family that had a Mamere but as I grew up I realized that many families have Mameres. I also thought that my Mamere was the best Grandmother however ; I have met many Mameres as I grew up and although not the true translation, Mamere means, the family hub of all things good. Sucre a la Creme is my reminder of all things good.
Thank you for sharing



Hulio... you sound like a Quebec hater... and there are many people out there with similar attitudes. I was born in Ontario, and now I am in Quebec. It's a beautiful province with beautiful people. This Sucre a la Crème is the most delicious fudge I have ever tasted. I now make it for my whole family, who live in Ontario, every Christmas. I'm sorry you have to put a bad comment here... people like you need to see a shrink who will prescribe you some pills to make you a happier person. Come visit Quebec some time, I bet you'll have nicer things to say!!!!


Near Shawville, Quebec

I come from a good old fashion french Canadian family in Ontario....yes, I said it..Ontario. We french speaking Ontarians share all the Quebec customs and such. I grew up with all sorts of traditional meals which have their roots firmly implanted in Quebec. It is my culture after all. A few come to mind...tire de Ste-Catherine, oreilles de Christ, pets de soeur, tourtières, and the delicious "suc a creme" that my mom made all the time. So for anyone saying that ppl from Ontario can't make this recipe well...I beg to differ.


My Mamére would make this for us grandchildren when we visited. We didn't get chips or chocolate bars, etc. Not sure why everyone is grossed out - think of Werther's candy - it's pretty much the same taste, just in a softer form. If you cooked it longer than it would be as hard as a candy sucker. As kids we loved it, especially when we would dip her homemade bread covered with her homemade butter into it while it was still warm.



Hulio, I know it sounds a little gross, but it does taste delicious, it's just really time consuming. Add some chocolate to the mix and it's so much better!



hahaha hulio cant make it turn right,your a real ontarian,good for nothing,and full of ignorant hate,when done right,this stuff is addictigly good



UUUGGH!!!! Did not look at my typing .... it should have read ... Fit for KINGS not pigs!!


Farmingdale NY

This recipe is as close to the way and ingredients remembered from an old family recipe - cannot wait to try it out and see if it tastes as good as remembered. And to Julio - you should really try it.... it is fit for KINGS ant pigs!


Farmingdale NY

Hey Hulio from Ontario...your comment is insulting. If you think it doesn't sound good, just don't make it and move on to other recipes. No need to act like a jerk.



Awesome recipe! My family loved it!




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