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Ramadan Ready? ThinkingPoints & ActionPoints [Newsletter 2016-05-19]


Thursday | Shaban 11, 1437 AH | May 19, 2016

Assalamu Alaikum.

It’s barely 3 weeks away!

With all the anticipation and hype around the arrival of Ramadan, this year in particular, comes the responsibility to think and plan for this month wisely.

Given the plummeting public opinion about Islam and Muslims both in the US and Canada, and record number of Muslims reporting Islamophobia and discrimination, it’s high time for North American Muslims to strengthen their relationship with Allah, with their families and with their neighbors of other faiths.

Let us share the beauty of Ramadan with our friends, colleagues and neighbors. What’s there to hide?

Let’s impact public opinion about Muslims one person at a time!


  1. Fasting helps us focus and reflect. How can you plan strategically for your life, your spirituality, your family, your career, and your relationship with the communnity?
  2. With rough and turbulent environment comes the urgency to turn to and reconnect with Allah. How will your communication with Allah be different this Ramadan? How often will you make a heart-felt Dua?
  3. If you are feeling confused or overwhelmed at times, why not turn to the Manual of Life, the Quran? How will you bring Quran recitation and reflection in your daily life?
  4. Ramadan is truly a family time. How can you take advantage of Ramadan’s schedule and culture to bring your family members together at Suhoor, Iftar and Taraweeh every day? How can you strengthen your relationship with your parents, siblings, spouse, or children?
  5. Ramadan is a prime time for giving and generosity! Can we ensure to divide our Sadaqat and Zakat equally into the following five causes: relief, local Masjid / Islamic centre, social services, youth development, and civic engaement?
  6. Islamophobia will continue to rise, unfortunately. One sure way to counter negative public opinion about Islam is through friendship and positive engagement. How will you connect with your neighbors, co-workers, and policy makers at a human level this Ramadan?
  7. Despite anti-Muslim bias found in media, many journalists are looking for genuine Muslim stories, How can you showcase the beauty of diversity, unity, cuisine, and culture to the wider public? How can you humanize Islam and Muslims in a world that thrives on dehumanizing and demonizing minorities?
  8. As you fast and feast this month, how can you remember those who struggle to find a decent meal every day? How can you enhance your love for the poor and needy?
  9. This is a federal election year. How can Ramadan be used strategically to galvanize the Muslim community to vote and volunteer for campaigns? How can you promote civic engagement in your community in this action-packed month?


Dear brothers and sisters, this Ramadan is a very critical and precious time. Please take out a couple of hours this week to sit with your family to think, plan, and strategize for the sake of your spirituality, your family, and your country, and the Ummah.

Sound Vision Team

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