• The Sharia Muslim Americans live

    Over the last few years, Sharia has become a lightning rod of criticism and contempt in the United States. At this writing, three states have banned Sharia and 44 bills against it are being discussed across the country. A number of politicians are considering a federal ban to outlaw the practice of Sharia completely. 

    Banning Sharia is like banning Islam, and it poses a danger to not only Muslims, but all religions and their adherents in America. 


  • Building bridges of trust with your loved one

    So you are a newly-wed couple and wondering how do I earn by loved one’s trust?

    Or you may be married for a while now and lately you feel your spouse has been getting paranoid and questioning everything you do.

    Building, earning, and keeping trust, which is known as Amana in Arabic, is a daunting task that requires a life-long effort.


  • 18 tips for Imams and community leaders to help teens become better Muslims

    When it comes to Muslim teens, an Imam must go way beyond occasionally leading them to prayer (when and if they come to the Mosque). The Imam has to be a role model for Muslim youth who inspires confidence and trust.

    Here are a collection of suggestions from Imams, activists and Muslims who have grown up in the West for Imams on how they can help young Muslim teenagers, especially, maintain their Deen.


  • Being a Muslim Teen in America

    Guest: Shejuti Shahriar, President, Muslim Students Association, Waubonsie Valley High School 
    Guest: Faraaz Saiduzzaman, President, DePaul UMMA 
    Guest: Gihad Ali, Youth Coordinator, Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago (CIOGC) 
    Host: Janaan Hashim

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