• Take "ISIS Sucks" Billboard to Times Square

    To make American Muslim voice louder than ISIS, Sound Vision has launched the #ActualMuslims campaign, which involves placing "Hey ISIS, You Suck!" billboards in high-traffic locations across the country. 

    Help us take this billboard to the Times Square in New York, the heart of American media and economy!

    Please pitch in today to support our crowdfunding campaign!


  • Bring Adam & Aneesah to Your School!

    We at Sound Vision are exhilarated to share the good news with you: Adam will be bringing his sister, Aneesah, live to you, straight from the beloved Adam’s World series!

    For a limited time only, Adam’s World is hitting the road. We bring a complete, professional-grade performance, complete with lighting and special effects to dazzle the children at your school, mosque or community center, giving them the chance to meet one of their favorite teachers about religion and culture.


  • Teachers dealing with the crisis of anger among Muslim youth

    After parents, teachers are those who interact the most with Muslim youth on a regular basis. They must be on the front lines of not only identifying when a young Muslim is facing the challenge of anger and the danger of reacting to it the wrong way, but they must also be part of the solution to this problem.

    Here are six tips that can help:


  • Marriage education is a must for single and engaged Muslims

    Being a spouse and a parent are among the most important jobs you’ll ever have. Marriage education, premarital advisement and counseling can help singles and engaged people obtain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful wives and husbands and have healthy marriages.

    It is essential to learn how marriage helps us serve Allah and can help us get to Heaven which is our ultimate goal. 


Muslims Launch #ActualMuslims Billboard Campaign

The #ActualMuslims billboard campaign, conceived by a group of young Chicago Muslim professionals, has so far been field tested in Chicago and Phoenix. And it had a strong positive effect on American Muslim public relations and engagement!

Achievements of #ActualMuslims Campaign so far:

  • Generated 14 million impressions
  • 25 mainstream media positively covered this campaign
  • Created a great buzz on social media and engaged countless neighbors in positive conversations

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