• Bring "ISIS Sucks" Billboard to Your City

    Endorsed and supported by Sound Vision, this Billboard campaign has created a good buzz in the Chicagoland and has been covered by several local media outlets and blogs across the USA. If you would like to bring this billboard campaign to YOUR city, here is what is involved.


  • Bring Adam & Aneesah to Your School!

    For a limited time only, Adam’s World is hitting the road. We bring a complete, professional-grade performance, complete with lighting and special effects to dazzle the children at your school, mosque or community center, giving them the chance to meet one of their favorite teachers about religion and culture.



  • 20 ways to help young Muslims deal with stress

    Apart from common stressors among all youth ranging from family problems to bullying, we have to consider that young Muslims today are facing more anti-Muslim feeling than in the past. These tips can help relieve some of the symptoms of stress.


  • Making the most of the first days of school

    First impressions do count and the first day of class can set the tone for the rest of the year. With this in mind, we present ideas to help you take full advantage of the precious first days of school.


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