• 7 Islamically-inspired goals to set for this school year

    Goals can inspire us to aim higher and move further ahead. Here are 7 that can help our kids move further ahead Islamically, as they excel academically this school year.


  • The inner dimensions of Hajj

    This journey is not meant to gain any personal end or any desire of Nafs. It is intended solely for Allah, and for fulfillment of the duty prescribed by Allah.

    No person can prepare himself to undertake this journey until and unless he has love of Allah in his heart as well as fear of Him, and feels strongly that the Fard (obligation) ordained by Allah is incumbent on him.

    Therefore, whosoever sets out for Hajj parting from his family and relatives for a long period, allowing his business to suffer, spending money and bearing the rigors of the travel, he furnishes by his act of devotion a proof of the fact that there is in his heart fear of God and love for Him as also a sense of duty.


  • 9 tips on making the most of Muslim conferences

    Attending a Muslim conference or convention is a wonderful experience. But there are ways to enhance it beyond meeting the same friends, attending the same kinds of lectures, and doing the same things we do year after year.

    Here are nine ways to make even more out of the your attendance this year. 


  • Exploring International Adoption

    Join us as we open a discussion about international adoption. Our guests include Sarah Haider, Founder of Pakistan Adoption, Wajihah Gregor, an adoptive parent, and Wafaa Bennani, the Founder and Foreign Coordinator of New Star Kafala.

    Guest: Sarah Haider
    Guest: Wajihah Gregor
    Guest: Wafaa Bennani
    Host: Janaan Hashim

    Listen to the show online....


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