• Ummah: Not in Turmoil but in Struggle for Freedom, Justice and Peace

    Please don’t call what is happening in the Muslim world “turmoil”. This is turmoil that births a better society.  This is a freedom struggle.

    And for those who have studied the history of today’s stable, democratic societies, it is part and parcel of the long-term development of democratic ideals that become reality. Countries go through this cycle. 


  • Domestic violence among Muslims and our responsibility to prevent and intervene

    There have been more than a few cases in the recent past in which Muslims in America have killed people around them. At least two of them were reportedly clinically depressed. A depressed person can hurt himself or others.

    I know that domestic violence is prevalent throughout the country, and that depression is not something Muslims have a monopoly on. However, we have responsibility to act.


  • How the Prophet Muhammad fought domestic violence

    The Prophet fought domestic violence, a scourge common to many civilizations at the time. He did this by affirming the inherent dignity of women as human beings responsible and accountable before God. He also did it by directly addressing a hitherto “private” matter between a husband and wife.

    Domestic violence was not a “women's issue” irrelevant to Muslim men. The Prophet understood that this abusive behavior could be changed, but it first had to be brought out into the open and addressed head on. The personal was definitely political.


  • Challenges and Opportuntites in the Halal Food Industry

    Tune in for a conversation on halal food, in light of the recent Eid celebration.

    Guest: Asma Ahad, Islamic Food And Nutrition Council Of America
    Guest: Khaja Din, Din Law, LLC
    Host: Matthew Ramadan

    Listen to the show online....

Our young friends have had enough of war, displacement, trauma and hunger.  60 million people, worldwide, now seek refuge, many of them fleeing war and violence. Shameful warlords and war profiteers, such as those who commandeered U.S. wars against Iraq and Afghanistan, destabilize defenseless populations. 


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