• Ramadan 2016: 10 Things Muslim Families can Plan

    Ramadan is a time when Muslims rebuild their faith individually. But this year, we must also focus more on our families. Why? Our children are suffering the most from the Islamophobia. 

    This is why we must urgently plan for Ramadan 2016. Here are some ways to do that. 


  • 5 Things to do Shura about for Ramadan

    When it comes to Ramadan, consulting family and friends about the blessed month can and should go beyond generalities. Here are five specific issues to discuss, debate, and agree on that can help you maximize the benefits of this special time. 


  • 23 tips to help moms organize for Ramadan

    Just like we make preparations well in advance when a favorite guest is coming, we have to prepare in advance for Ramadan, so that we don’t waste time during the precious month.


  • Seven strategies to train kids this Ramadan

    The many aspects of Ramadan--fasting, prayers, moral values, charity, Quran, family, Eid-- provide a valuable opportunity to train kids. Whether they are your own kids or kids you teach, education or training isn't an automatic or easy process. Training requires effort, energy and a few techniques to take off.

    Here are some training tips and techniques to transform your children's minds and memories this Ramadan.



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