• Things to do at Muslim conventions: An etiquette guide

    While these are great places to learn more about Islam, network and meet other Muslims, Muslim conferences also have their share of etiquette problems.

    That’s why we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide of tips to help you make this convention experience go smoothly and positively.


  • 40 summer ideas for kids under 10

    For kids under the age of 10, being active and outdoors are a necessary element to a fun and fruitful summer. These 40 ideas with an Islamic flavor offer unique ways to make the days off meaningful and memorable.  Make summer magnificent and memorable for the under-10 set with these ideas.


  • 7 Islamically-inspired goals to set for this school year

    Goals can inspire us to aim higher and move further ahead. Here are 7 that can help our kids move further ahead Islamically, as they excel academically this school year.


  • Top 15 Muslim-flavored summer vacation spots

    For a number of families, going on vacation seems to bring to mind one main location: Disneyworld.

    But what many seem to have not noticed is that the expensive trip to Disney (count the hotel stay, the fee for the amusement park itself, candy and food in the park, etc.) is not all it's cracked up to be. Many parents go to the park thinking Disney represents good clean family fun. That may have been the case a number of years ago, but not anymore.

    Why not go somewhere else for less cost and with a clearer conscience. 



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