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b Muslim Teens: Nurturing Our Future
b Communicating with Your Tween and Teen: 9 Tips
b 7 Ways to Build Willpower in Muslim Youth
b From “Nikes” to Lemon Grass: Musab ibn Umayr and Young Muslims Today
b The Listening Parent: Opening the Doors of Communication
b The Positive & Negative C's of Islamic Parenting
b Encouragement and Criticism: Killing Your Child's Enthusiasm

The Message (DVD) The Story of Islam (30th Anniversary Edition 2 DVD Set)

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Quran for Children (CD)

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Basic Duas for Children [Nafees Khan]

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1 Quran: How to Study & Live by the Book
1 Quran: Something to Rely on
1 7 tips to improve your relationship with the Quran
1 The Quranic journal: Why to keep it, how to do it?
1 A survey of English translations of the Quran
1 How to Conduct a Quran Study Circle
1 Quranic Arabic crisis in Muslim schools

1 Top Articles on Family Relationships
1 10 Ways to Shower Your Spouse with Appreciation
1 11 tips for Muslim couples dealing with marital disputes in the West
1 Fundamentals of a happy marriage
1 Preparing Muslims for Marriage
1 Shura in the family: why we need it, how to do it
1 The Positive & Negative Cs of Islamic Parenting

1 Halal & Healthy Guide
1 Physical Diseases of the Heart and the Prophetic Prevention
1 Health guidelines from Quran and Sunnah
1 The Sharia of Halal and Healthy
1 The Quran and Hadith about Halal and Haram Food
1 It may be Zabiha, but is it Halal?
1 Halal Haram Lists: Why They Do Not Work?

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1 10 Things You Can Do For Your Mom
1 25 Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety
1 33 Tips to launch your personal Jihad against Racism and Nationalism
1 Challenges of Women Space in Masjids
1 Criticism Strengthens CommUnity
1 Shura in the family: why we need it, how to do it

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