• Famous modern-day black Muslims

    Here is a list of some famous modern-day African American Muslims like Muhammad Ali, Keith Ellison, Imam Siraj Wahaj and others who have left a mark on the lives of American Muslims.


  • 7 things individuals can do for Black History Month

    Black History Month is not simply a time for African-Americans to take pride in and to educate others about their history and achievements. It is also a time for Muslims to educate themselves. It's a time to remember the struggle against slavery, oppression and racism, which continues to this day.

    Here are 10 things you can do for Black History Month to make it a rewarding and enriching experience.


  • From slavery to leadership: Muslims in North America

    El Hajj Malik Shahbaz, Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali are perhaps a few names that cross our minds when we consider the evolution of Muslim identity and community in North America. What often escapes notice is the sacrifice, discipline, social justice, leadership and cooperation modeled by such individuals and their communities.  

    The organized struggle of North American Muslims begins over seven centuries ago, with the civil rights movement led by multitudes of enslaved Muslim Africans. The spirit and movement continues today with millions of Arab and South Asian Muslim immigrants, as well as the Latin and First Nations indigenous Muslim converts in North America.


  • Radio Islam: Interview with Dr. Larycia Hawkins (Wheaton College) by Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid

    Larycia Hawkins, is a professor at Wheaton College, IL, which decided to place her on paid leave after Dr. Hawkins declared she was wearing a Muslim headscarf for Advent to express her solidarity with Muslims facing hostility and rising Islamophobia. Dr. Hawkins discusses her rationale and story with Radio Islam.

    Listen to the show online....


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