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Stand with the Prophet in Honor and Respect!
Seerah Conferences:
- St. Louis, MO on May 16 , 2014
- Boston, MA on May 17, 2014
Stand with the Prophet in Honor and Respect!

b Muslim Women: Voice, Space and Role
b Challenges of women’s space in Masjids
b An insider’s view of how we deal with the “women in Islam” issue
b A Muslim man’s guide to talking about women in Islam: 15 tips
b Gender Equity in Islam- Dr. Jamal Badawi
b 19 Things Sisters can do for Islam in America
b 18 Things Sisters can do For the Local Islamic Center

Fortress of the Muslim

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1 Zakat: Fulfill Your Duty Today
1 Donate Zakat To Sound Vision Foundation
All the hundreds of articles, tips, and how tos sections are provided free of charge by Sound Vision Foundation which is supported by you. ...more
1 Frequently Asked Questions about Zakat
Sound Vision consulted Br. Ahmad Sakr to find out about some of the frequently asked questions about Zakah and their answers ...more
1 Inner Dimension of Zakat
To understand the necessity of paying Zakat, how it represents a test of character, and why it has been made one of the fundamentals of Islam ...more
1 Obligation of Zakat and Rates
The payment of Zakat becomes obligatory on every sane and mature Muslim and Muslimah whenever there is an economic activity resulting in ...more
1 Support Radio Islam
It’s time we took a stand and spoke for ourselves. Sound Vision is inviting Muslims to participate in starting a Muslim radio talk show. ...more
1 Zakat Calculator
A simple online calculator for indivduals to calculate their personal zakat ...more

1 Top Articles on Family Relationships
1 10 Ways to Shower Your Spouse with Appreciation
Every day is filled with wonderful opportunities to tell the special person in your life, how grateful you are for this relationship. ...more
1 11 tips for Muslim couples dealing with marital disputes in the West
Marriages usually start off so nicely. Everyone cooperates-the couple, their parents, other relatives, friends. Things usually run smoothly. ...more
1 Fundamentals of a happy marriage
The most basic and essential attribute of a Muslim marriage is the common faith that binds the couple. ...more
1 Preparing Muslims for Marriage
A comprehensive Islamic social service system that includes prevention education and support, early intervention and treatment is greatly needed by the American Muslim Community. ...more
1 Shura in the family: why we need it, how to do it
Gender relations in Islam are not based on male-female competition as is seen in a number Western societies today. Rather, this relationship is based on gender cooperation. (Quran: 4:32). ...more
1 The Positive & Negative Cs of Islamic Parenting
One of the greatest challenges a Muslim will ever face is being a parent. This is one challenge, however, many of us are least prepared for. ...more

1 In the Footsteps of the Prophet
1 Please Stop Abusing the Prophet
It is abusive to partially quote the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, thus distorting what he said. ...more
1 SoundVision's Page on the Prophet's Life
Check out this page loaded with links to our articles, books, vidoes and audio material about the Prophet Mohamed (peace and blessings be upon him) and various aspects of his life. ...more
1 The Prophet and Those Who Opposed Him
Why the Prophet never acted in anger, why he chose forgiveness over revenge? How he changed the hearts of his enemies? ...more
1 The Prophet's Marriage Sermon
Prophet Muhammad taught the following Khutba (sermon) for Nikah (the marriage ceremony). ...more
1 Tips on Helping Kids Love the Prophet
Find out how you can help your kids love and follow the example of the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) with these activities. ...more
1 What The Prophet Did in Sajdah
"I happened to pray one night with the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). The Prophet started reciting Surah al-Baqarah and I thought he would stop after 100 verses. ...more

1 Most Popular Sound Vision Articles
1 10 Things You Can Do For Your Mom
Here are some ideas of how you can let mom know that all of her giving has and continues to be appreciated. ...more
1 25 Ways to Deal with Stress and Anxiety
Stress is life. Stress is anything that causes mental, physical, or spiritual tension. There is no running away from it. ...more
1 33 Tips to launch your personal Jihad against Racism and Nationalism
Some Muslims fall for the age-old trick of Satan and start playing the silly inferiority/superiority game. Some stereotype others and tolerate prejudice against other human beings. ...more
1 Challenges of Women Space in Masjids
Women in early Islamic history were active not just as "mothers and wives" but contributed as individual Muslim women in all aspects of the community. ...more
1 Criticism Strengthens CommUnity
Criticism doesn't harm unity. Instead, it makes it stronger because Muslims then work together to solve problems for the benefit of the community. ...more
1 Shura in the family: why we need it, how to do it
Gender relations in Islam are not based on male-female competition as is seen in a number Western societies today. Rather, this relationship is based on gender cooperation. ...more

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