• 65 fun activities for this summer!

    Finding ideas to make summer fun and memorable, while being meaningful and affordable, can be difficult. This list of 65 fun things to do require little money but offer kids of all ages a way to spend time well, with an Islamic flavor. 


  • 9 ways to reconnect kids with the Muslim community this summer

    Summer is a good time to help your kids reconnect with the Muslim community, since weekend Islamic school and other programs at the mosque take a hiatus. That means less of a chance to learn and socialize in an Islamic atmosphere on a consistent basis. Here are a couple of ideas.



  • Dealing with Digital Doings this Summer Break: 5 Tips

    While it’s tempting to give in to children’s demand for video games, online chatting, constant texting, and other digital doings, it’s hardly healthy or productive. Here are some alternatives.


  • 11 ways to maximize your summer trip out of town

    Visiting relatives, whether it's in North America or abroad should not mean spending time only at home to bond and hang out. These trips can be used to benefit you and your hosts in many other ways. Check out these 11 ideas and add yours too at the bottom with feedback.


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