Newsletter 2015-07-03: Sprinting in Ramadan’s last 10 days & nights || Last 10 to-do list |

Newsletter 2015-07-03: Sprinting in Ramadan’s last 10 days & nights || Last 10 to-do list


Friday | Ramadan 16, 1436 AH | July 3, 2015

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Assalamu alaikum:

What’s the difference between a sprint and a marathon?

Sprinting lasts just a matter of seconds. A marathon goes on for hours. While a marathoner’s focus is on endurance, a sprinter’s is on maximizing every muscle movement to improve speed.

Today is the 15th of Ramadan. We are in the last stretch. The time for endurance is waning, and it is now time for the sprint.

While many of us at this juncture shake our heads in disappointment at the unmet goals and continuing bad habits, hope is on the Ramadan horizon: The last 10 nights of the blessed month, and Layaltul Qadr, the Night of Power, are on their way.

In the last ten of Ramadan, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, used to tighten his waist belt, pray all night, and wake up his family for the night prayers (Bukhari and Muslim).

We may not have finished that one reading of the Quran; we may not have been as generous as we wanted to be; we may have spoken ill or lost our temper too often. But these last 10 days and nights are the hope and healing we need.

We may have fallen behind in the race, but we now have a chance to sprint ahead - if we plan and use our time wisely.

Freeing up our precious hours, minutes, and even seconds will make all of the difference if we want to truly win the Ramadan race this year - what could be our very last Ramadan.

Like the sprinter, the finish line is near and we want to move ahead quickly to catch up. This can only be done if we free our time and plan our worship and good deeds, pushing ourselves as we may never have before.

Please take time to recommit to Ramadan today, and switch from being a marathoner to a sprinter. Every second counts for the win.

Sound Vision Team

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10 Ways to Make Time for Ramadan's Last 10

By Samana Siddiqui

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, used to exert himself in devotion during the last ten nights to a greater extent than at any other time (Muslim). That should give us the incentive to carefully plan our days and hours so we can too.

Crying in Front of Allah on the Night of Power: It's not Impossible

By Abdul Malik Mujahid

Tears flow when we remember how much Allah has blessed us with and how much we disobey Him. We can never repay Allah for everything we have, yet we still blatantly commit sins both big and small: whether it's backbiting, hurting other human beings, not standing up for the truth, treating our family badly, lying, doing good deeds to show off, cheating, etc. Allah opens ways out of problems for us, easing our burdens. Yet, we still disobey Him and take His Mercy for granted.

10 To Do's for Ramadan's Last 10 Days

By Samana Siddiqui

While it’s depressing to think that Ramadan will be over in less than two weeks, the blessed month’s last 10 days offer us a final push to do as much good as we can. We cannot let our enthusiasm wan like the moon that marks this special time‘s end.

I ask Myself Tonight!

By Samana Siddiqui

The last ten days and nights of Ramadan are still ahead for us to benefit from. Ask yourself these questions and see what you can do to make the most of what's left of Ramadan this year, insha Allah.

What the Prophet did in his Prostration on the Night of Power 

By Abdul Malik Mujahid

We are in one of the most submissive physical positions when in Sujood (prostration). It is one of the best occasions to ask God for forgiveness, guidance, and all that we want. It is one of the best positions in which to talk to God. Seeking God's pleasure and forgiveness need to be given top priority in these remaining days and nights of Ramadan.

New Duas for These Nights of Power

By Staff Writer

The Night of Power is a time of heightened reflection, connection to God and supplication or Dua. It is a night better than a thousand months. Here is a list of 15 sample Duas you can use in the next week during Laylatul Qadr.


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