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Muhammad Ali and Malcolm X

Muhammad Ali told Young Muslim that Malcolm X "...was a good speaker. He was fearless. He helped me to come to Islam."

Muhammad Ali sought guidance and counsel from Malcolm X, whom he met several times. Just before Muhammad Ali's fight with Liston, Malcolm advised him to remember David and Goliath. Malcolm X was first to accept real Islam which later was adopted by Muhammad Ali as well.



to all brothers and sisters. follow the right path. dont follow the wrong path or ele u r trapped in hell fire. if u follow the right path by reading namaz 5 time daily reading the quran every day ur surats and ur kalimah then u will enter jannah.



salam to all brothers and sisters, i was actually searching for something else on this site, i am grateful and thankfull in some regards, but honestyl after reading the question "will mohamad ali go to janah" ask yourself who are we to judge, Allah is the best and fairest judge. Work on yourself and try to save your own soul from hell fire, dont point your opinion without mulling over the subject. thanks Peace and prosperity to all man kind



allah give us this life and this knowledge to use and look at all those people that are disabled and cant do anything fun like us we should thank allah sub-hanallah that he has given everything in this wold and we are muslims my brothers and sisters and ignore the haram and ask forgivness from allah!



bismilahe rahman rahim. aslamu alaykum warah matulah wabarakat. my dear brothers and sister. allah is the greater. allah is the merciful . allah is the knower, so according to that point we can't judge what someone doing or what he going to be, what i mean you never know where that person may end. the thing we can do to each other is to work in the deen(religion) together, and advice each other. allah he is the one who gives hedaya. so lets save our live from helfire and run to the jannah(paradise). my dear brothers and sisters let us increase the averge of our deen, we can increase our deen my doing the work that allah told us and following the sunnah af the prophet(S.A.W). we can achieve. LETS TRY IT MY conclusion, if he is saying la illah ila lahu mohamedul rasulu llahe. is a muslim. takbir, allahu akbar


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I heard that Ali changed his name to 'x' inbetween Clay and Ali, does anyone know if that is true?



This is serious stuff and its insporting to read about it, especialy with all thats going on in the world.



Allah is the all knowing and it is not up to us to make judgements about people because their strengths may be our flaws and the flaws that we see may be their only flaws.



will only allah know is going to jannah and who is not so we cant really say who is but all muslims are going to jannah



This site helped me find a lot of information on muhammad ali that i needed for a research paper.



I, as a muslim, advice all muslim to become more aquinted with Malcolm X. He is my hero and I love him in terms of respect and honour. Especially African-Muslims, we should read more into our history and the truth about how it all started. reading The autobiography made me love my country and my ancestors in Ethiopia.All black muslims should learn more about Malcolm X and his life so you can learn from it, i really did and it inspired my life!


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