Doing Haram, seeking forgiveness

Doing Haram, seeking forgiveness

"Say: O Ibadi (My slaves) who have transgressed against themselves (by committing evil deeds and sins)! Despair not of the Mercy of Allah, verily Allah forgives all sins. Truly, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful" (Quran 39:53)

Whether it's watching pornography, lying, backbiting or other vices, our sins accumulate daily.

We may try to hold our tongues, lower our gaze, not disrespect our parents or avoid a myriad of sins God has ordered us to avoid, but as humans we are weak, and we can and do make mistakes.

But while God is just and holds us responsible for our actions, the doors to His forgiveness are always open. No matter how awful our sin, Allah is always ready to hear and accept our repentance, provided it is sincere and results in change for the better.

In the Quran, God repeatedly reminds us that He is the Forgiving and the Merciful.

Read Quranic verses from sura Al-Furqan (Quran 25: 63-73) for a better understanding of these issue. Here is a translation of some Quranic verses and its commentary (Quran 25: 68- 70):

"Who invoke no other deity along with Allah, nor take any life which Allah has forbidden save justly; who do not commit unlawful sexual intercourse and whoso does that shall meet its penalty;

His torment shall be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection, and he will abide in it in ignominy

Unless he repents and reaffirm his believes and does righteous works.(1) For such, Allah will change their evil deeds to good deeds.(2) Allah is Ever Forgiving, Most Compassionate."

(1).  This is good news for those whose life has been stained with various kinds of sin in the past but who later repent and firmly decide to amend their behavior.  The present verse amounts to a proclamation of general amnesty, which for millions of sinners provided a ray of hope and prompted them to reform themselves.

The extent to which this provision of repentance saved the Arabs who were otherwise given to many a vice is evident from a number of incidents during the life of the Prophet (Peace be upon him).  Let us consider the following example, narrated by Tabari on the authority of Abu Hurayrah who said: "One night when I returned from the Prophet's Mosque after offering Isha Prayers, I saw a woman standing outside my door. I said 'Peace be on you' and went into my room, closed the door, and began to offer nafl (supererogatory) Prayers.  After some time, she knocked at the door. I opened the door and asked her what she wanted.  'I have come to ask you a question. I committed adultery and became pregnant.  Then a baby was born and I killed him. Now I have come to ask you if there is any chance that my sin be forgiven?'  I said: 'Absolutely not'.  At this she went away grief-stricken, exclaiming: 'Alas, this piece of beauty was created for the Hell-fire.'

"The next day, after the Fajr prayers, I narrated the whole incident to the Prophet (peace be on him).  He said: 'How wrong an answer you gave, O Abu Hurayrah!  Have you not read those verses in the Quran: "Those who invoke no other deity along with Allah nor take the life which Allah has forbidden – save justly; who do not commit unlawful sexual intercourse – and whoso does that shall meet its penalty, his torment shall be doubled for him on the Day of Resurrection and he shall abide in it in ignominy – unless he who repents and believes and does righteous works.  For such Allah will change their evil deeds to good deeds.  Allah is Ever Forgiving, Most Compassionate.  Whosoever repents and does good, he returns to Allah in the manner he should" (Al-Furqan 25:68-70).  Upon hearing this answer from the Prophet (Peace be on him), I went out and searched for the woman.  I met her after Isha Prayers and told her what the Prophet (peace be on him) had said.  She prostrated herself and said, 'Thanks be to God, Who has opened the door of forgiveness for me.' Then she repented and freed a female slave and also the son of that slave." (See Tabari, 'Tafsir', comments on Surah al-Furqan 25:68-70 Ed.)

(2).  This has two meanings.  One, that when a person repents and gives up his evil actions and begins to perform vitreous deed, in this new phase of life, of Faith and righteous conduct, his good deeds will replace the evil deeds of his past. Second, that as a result of his repentance, not only are the evil deeds which he committed during this period of disbelief and sinful living forgiven, but each person will be awarded for having given up a life of disbelief and transgression and for replacing it with obedience and Faith.  Moreover, for as many times as such people feel ashamed of their past evil deeds, they will be rewarded that same number of times for having asked for forgiveness from God.  Feeling ashamed of one's sins and asking for forgiveness is, in itself, a good deed.  In this manner, all of one's evil deeds will eventually be replaced by good deeds and one will not only be saved from punishment, but will also be amply rewarded.

Commentary from Towards Understanding the Quran with some abbreviation


assalamu alaikum warahmathullahi wabarakathuhu brothers and sisters..
im a 17 year old girl.. ive known this guy AKA my boyfriend for like 3- 4 years now..we've been loving eachother for so long and alhamdhulillah ive always felt so good in his presence and masha Allah we both wanted to take our relationship halal.. but my bfs frnds have been commiting alot of sins with their gfs while on the other hand my bf and i have never even met much in person.. we loved online and as far as iknow he loves me truly , and he isnt so good in studies but just for the sake of wanting to marry me he started studying well.. And we have been so loyal to eachother we even shared our social media passwords and we wer all fine and never commited any sin. Whenever i was doing some sin allah gave me the feeling that im sinning , allah made me realize that what i was doing was a mistake , example even for small things like sending my not revealing pictutes.. but asthaghfirullah , on the 28th of may 2018 , (its been 2 days almost as today is 30th may) we both met , and we both had commited sins.. we didnt have sexual intercourse , but we hugged kissed and etc... but never went too deep. While he touched my hand , hugged me , i felt so bad , i felt like im betraying my parents and my creator , and as i came home , i realized. im so glad it never took me ages to realize.. i realized real quick and i asked for repentance.. Even today for subah , i cried alot.. Asking allah to forgive me and to not expose my sin to my parents or anyone , not in this world and even on the next... I feel so sad for having done this as my family is so religious and they dont send me anywhere , only for classes and rarely for my friends house and thats the way i met him and that was my second meet wallahi.. and first time commititing sin.. And i wanted to stay away from all social media for sometime and even away from my bf for sometime.. iknow he truly loves me and i love him too.. i want allah to make me get married to him in shaa allah , if he is the right one for me.. And i had no way to explain him as he is very sensitive and soft hearted.. He easily cries when it comes to me.. So i didnt want to hurt him , so i lied to my bf saying my mom took my phone and i wont be able to message him.. cause i wanted to keep this halal , but i know telling him lets not text , face to face will break his heart and i hate breaking someones heart. and i didnt want to hurt my parents by doing this, i didnt want to commit sins , i didnt want to live with the guilt of having done this.. I want to stop commiting sins.. :/ So i asked my friend who is a religious person if i cn lie to my bf saying mom took my phone and i wont be able to message him for sometime .. but deep in my intention was that we both wont be commiting sins by texting eachother though thats the only thing we do and we have met only twice.. And when i asked my friend she said its okay to lie if my intention is pure , and my friend is so religious and shes never been in a relationship , but she once liked a guy , And she wanted to commit herself to him but i didnt let her to , as i knew it was the greatest of all sins , though iam commiting it but i didnt want my friend , a beloved person to me , to enter hell or commit sins , so i stopped her from doing that and alhamdhulillah she is over him now.. and i felt so happy for having stopped my friend for doing that..ive always stopped my friends from doing bad, But on the other hand i couldnt stop myself .. i feel ashamed of myself. i feel ashamed to prostrait to allah , i feel ashamed to pray to him cause ive done what i shouldnt have. this is killing me from deep within.. I dont want my parents to know that ive commited this sin , i dont want to see them hurt.. but today , early in the morning my mom said she had this dream which is , like her being ashamed of myself and pushing me off a cliff. And she told that she regrets for sending me to my friends house on the 28th. and Ya allah , i regret too..
My questions are :
1-will allah forgive me ? :/
2- is there any dua for my sin to not be exposed in the life now and hereafter? Even to not be exposed to my parents as i have made that sin haram for myself .
3-Is it okay that i LIED to my boyfriend for some good?
4- Is it okay that i still love him ? and wait for him and wait to get together with him in the halal way??
5- Will my repentance be accepted ? :/
6- Am i a sinner?? Am i not a good muslim ??

please answer these as im very depressed and make dua that these things dont get exposed to my parents :/
and that allah forgives me for he is the best of all forgivers..
May allah grant us all peace and may he protect us from the evil of this world , aameen..
pS: My bf and i had also spoke abt how it will be to have sex after marriage.. i feel ashamed.. pls reply :/

assalamu alaikum..



I am under fifteen years and I keep masturbating whenever I am in the shower I don't know if it is masturbation if you don't ejaculate but still.I am trying to become a better muslim but at the moment my sister is taking care of us for a few days while my parents do zakat and she's not religious at all she keeps buying haram food I eat it knowing that its haram because if I don't she'll say why don't you cook yourself and shout at me PLEASE HELP I don't know what I should do to repent


Camden town

Look guys, it's ok to do mistakes because everyone has at least done 1 million mistakes in their life. if you EVER do a mistake, then if i were you, i would go and pray to god and say sorry what you have done.



Whilst I was in a marriage, me and my ex husband commited adultry with different people.
My husband is in jail now and im looking into getting re-married.
To get my islamic divorce do I have to tell the shiek or Imam that I have committed adultry?
I have repented and will never do it again.
But again I ask does the sheik need to know this sin , as this is not the reason for the divorce.



i am shy kind of guy and try to be good person but in my early teen age i built a bad habit of sin of masturbating and watching porn then i started watching sex cam shows then i started getting naked in front of camera talking with girls i was totally addicted to it....thanks to Allah he gave me a chance to repent and i did astaghfar and asked Allah for his forgiveness and started praying but after a month i felt an urge to watch porn and masturbate again i controlled myself but tonight i did that sin by making excuse that this will be last time and will never do it....i knew it was a sin but still i did i am ashamed i dont know why i am repeatedly doing this sin....please help me so i can counter this bad habit....! please someone answer me because i know many brothers are drowning in this sin maybe my question can help them.....!Assalam U Alaikum



This is without doubt zina and it is very hard to get out of trust me.... the best advise i can give u is refrain yourself ... read the quraan with meanings and lots of islamic videos ... once u invoke the fear of allah(swt) inside you .. the doors of goodness will open and the bad will shut down... at the beginning start praying 5 times a day regularly with full concentration on wudhu and salah for it purifies ur soul and body ... u might not stop immediately but slowly u ll see how masturbation is a needless act just another trick of shaitaan to take u away from allah... brother allah loves you so much if only u knew how much ... you just need to get back to him and follow sunnah... u can do it brother u can stop this act ... inshallah



O my brother as you know that “Zina”is a very bad sin in islam but as Allah (SwT ) said that he is the most merciful and forgiving .... and since you are addicted to these things they are very harmful and cannot leave you easily. Brother, try to do istighfar as much as you can do and seek help and forgiveness from Allah . You must have controlled it from early age and think positive that its haram and the punishment of jahanum is very severe so try staying away from these things lower your gaze , repent continuously, offer prayers at their exacr time . This may inshallah help you and your condition is very sad ... I will personally make dua from Allah for you to forgive you and make you to follow the right path



It's okay I did the same think once to but remember allah is always forgiving of you repent I know my mistake and I accept it for that I ask you believe in allah and the prophet ( peace be upon him) no matter how bad your sins are ask for forgiveness.



Assalamualaykum.... i'm 21 yrs old medical student girl ...... before entering medical profession i have never thaught off opposite sex... but as d dayz past i found myslef getting involved into pornography ... aftr i have started chatting with a guy who is 25 n from india ...... it lead to a series of words which made him imagine me at his side at night and made me imagine d same . He nevr saw me but i have seen his photos ...... since we both r medical students we ended up in discussing sexual activities dat took place in our imagination between us.......ths guy is totally into me and is confident with the relationshp to continue as nikaah in futur...but i hav been dying of guilt dat i have comitted a very big sin ....can u plzz help me to know will allah ever forgive me ...will allah accept my prayers....plzzz sister in need of help



You can hang out with non-Muslim friends, but you must wear long sleeve shirt and long jean/trouser. If you would like to be a good Muslim person and would like to ask Allah to forgive your sins. You must follow the rules: (or click this link and read it carefully
1) Understand your mistake.
2) Do not ask for forgiveness under the pressure of others
3) Make up your mind to never repeat the mistake.
4) Apply the three factors that determine the effectiveness of your 'Tawbah'.
5) Recognize if someone else was also affected by your sins or mistakes.
6) Know that Allah is the most merciful of all and is naturally disposed to forgive.
7) Put your trust in the power of 'Tawbah'.
8) Perform Salah.
9) Ask Allah for forgiveness after the salat (prayers).
10) Ask Allah for forgiveness day and night.
11) Use Allah's different names that attribute his kindness and forgiveness.
12) Fast during the month of Ramadan.
13) Remember that good deeds can help in erasing bad deeds
14) Do charity (Zakat).
15) Perform Hajj.
16) Practice self-control to avoid such situations in future.
17) Do not miss out on doing those 'small little things' that could supplement you in seeking forgiveness.
18) Rely on the duas mentioned to seek forgiveness
19) Never give up to ask Allah to forgive your sins.
Remember Allah always forgive everyone only those who are not giving up to ask Allah for forgiveness. You should talk yourself in your heart with Allah, eg; "Dear Allah, I ask you to forgive my sins. I am really sorry for hurting you and making you sad. I will never ever do that and I promised you. Ya Allah, you are always there for me when I am sad and happy which I am really appreciated for you. I really love you so much more than you think or more than the universe. Ya Allah, you are my Lord, you are my king and you are my everything and I am your servants."
Anyway, it's really your choice do you want to give up on Allah or would you like to continue with it? I am not forcing you but imagine an angel is on your left side and a devil is on your right side. So which path are you going to choose? If you choose an angel and you should listen to his/her right path which Allah will be happy. If you choose the wrong path, then a devil would be happy and you will be welcome in Hell. Doesn't matter if you did sins BUT remember do not give up! Pray 5 times in a day but make sure do not pray late! Take fasting every year in a month and read Quran sometimes if you have time. But if you are busy such as you are looking after your babysitter or busy in the kitchen or have work. This is fine because of course Allah can see you. If you are a rich person, then save up money and send them to poor people. Because did you know the poor people will pray for you. They will be appreciated by you for being helping them.
Thank you and Goodluck.


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