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Alternate to Juma Learning Opportunities

There is no replacement of Juma khutba and Juma prayers in the masjid. However, given the Corona virus outbreak, we have no choice but to suspend Juma prayers. But let this crisis not prevent us from thinking creatively about possible alternatives.

Friday prayer is the prime highlight of Juma, but this whole day is very special in the eyes of the Prophet, peace be upon him.

Abu Hurairah reported that the Prophet said: “The best day on which the sun has risen is Friday; on this day Adam was created; on this day he was admitted to Paradise; on it was this day he was expelled from it; and the [last] hour (the Day of Resurrection) will take place on no day other than Friday.” (Recoded by Muslim)

So, get up on Friday morning thanking God Almighty for giving you another great day in life.

Here are our suggestions to make this day special. Do put your suggestions below this article, which we may incorporate and publish as well:

Friday, Juma, in the life of the Prophet: 

Although there is no Juma prayer to attend to, please do not abandon the beautiful sunnah of Fridays. 

  1. Take a thorough bath, as the Prophet would on Fridays

  2. Dress up as the Prophet would do on Fridays by wearing your best apparel at the prayer time and place of prayer as per Allah’s command (Quran 731) 

  3. Clip nails

  4. Brush your teeth. The Prophet would brush his teeth (miswak) several times a day and highly recommended it for Juma

  5. The Prophet loved to apply scent/perfume especially on Fridays

  6. Get to masjid early and fill the front rows first

  7. Listen to the khuba (Friday sermon), as it is considered part of Juma prayer

  8. Offer Friday prayers

  9. Send blessing to the Prophet, peace be upon him, all day long

  10. Make sure to recite Surah Al-Kahf, chapter 18 of the Quran, as the Prophet did and encouraged us to do. This chapter offers amazing insights into how God Almighty operates which is sometimes difficult for us to understand

  11. Juma is a day of dua. So, make extra supplications all day long

  12. Make duas between Asr & Maghrib prayers in particular

While it is very painful that we cannot get to masjid to listen to khutba, offer prayers, and meet our friends afterwards, most of the Sunnahs of the Prophet listed above are still possible for all of us on Fridays. So, let’s make a point of doing it. 

An Outline of a Friday Home Program

A good thing coming out of this tragedy is that children and parents most likely will be at home together. While it changes the dynamics of home, it is a rare opportunity that the family is together on Fridays. So, consider introducing the following special program idea on Fridays. You can do it at the Juma time or between Asr and Maghrib prayers. 

Building a Home Masjid

Designate a room, part of the basement or the living room, as the home Masjid. Make this Masjid entirely the responsibility of the kids. Get the eldest to be in charge and to delegate responsibilities to younger siblings. Responsibilities could include keeping the Masjid clean, waking people up for Fajr, calling the Adhan, etc.

Recitation of the Quran: 5-10 minutes

Either one person, preferably a young person, recites the Quran or everyone takes a turn to recite the same surah, while helping each other improve the reading. Start with the short chapters of the Quran that everyone recites in their prayers. Or you can alternate with a short Quran reading syllabus.

Translation: 5 Minutes

Someone can read the translation of the Quran that was recited. We recommend Abdullah Yusuf Ali, Abdul Haleem, or Sahih’s translation. I use most of the time for my reading as well as for online translations. You may want to have multiple translations read if you like. 

Watching or Listening to an Islamic lecture or Khutbah: 20 minutes

Which Imam would your family love to listen to or watch? As the world is moving away from reading to watching, there are tons of online lectures and khutbas. Ask your children to choose their favorite speaker as the whole family sits down and watches. When I was in college I invited someone to film a khutba and I was grilled by people for almost an hour, as they questioned the Islamic validity of recording khutbas. Now, masha Allah, everyone records khutbas and puts them online. 

Dua: 5-10 minutes

Everyone in the family can then make one dua in the language they like. Allah knows all languages. He is the Creator. So, ask him in the language you would like to ask. Here are some options of duas in this environment.

Here are some other creative ideas which you can choose from Br. Dawud Wharnsby Ali about the family’s changed dynamics.

Juma Time at Office

In case you are still working from office, it is important to continue to take advantage of your extended lunch hour at juma times. Probably it is a one-hour commitment for you, going to masjid, listening to the khutba, praying and coming back.

Please adopt from the above program what you can replicate at your own in office and then on the weekend have a family circle based on the above model. 

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