Wudu is a great blessing that keeps viruses away

Wudu is a great blessing that keeps viruses away

In Islam, Wudu, the ablution before the five daily prayers, is a God-given gift to safeguard oneself from viruses, as it involves thorough and regular washing of the hands, nose, and throat.

Wudu and Pandemic:

In a world where a virus has quickly turned into a pandemic, everyone is advising for basic hygiene. Scientists and politicians are asking us to wash our hands.

Practicing Muslims wash their hands, noses, and throats in Wudu 15 times a day or more.

Prophet Muhammad was always in Wudu. God’s peace and blessings be upon the Prophet. He will redo it if it broke. Although he did not ask other believers to remain in Wudu perpetually, those who love him the most keep their Wudu fresh all of the time.

The Prophet used to wash his hands as soon as he woke up. He would wash his hands before eating and after he was done with a meal. He would wash his hands before leaving the washroom. He would even make Wudu before going to bed. This is strikingly similar to what scientists in the U.S. are asking us to do.

Here is how the Prophet followed Allah’s command to make Wudu using clean water without wasting it:

  1. Begin by saying ‘Bismillah’ or “in the name of God”. 
  2. Wash your hands three times thoroughly by rubbing them together, running your fingers through other fingers, and ensuring that water reaches the space between the nails and the flesh. It is essential to remove anything that could prevent the water from reaching the skin.
  3. Rinse your mouth three times, swirling the water around. 
  4. Rinse your nose by sniffing the water up your nostrils as far as you can take it and blowing it out. Do it three times.
  5. Wash your face three times, from the hairline to the chin and from ear to ear. Men with beards should run wet fingers through the beard. 
  6. Wash your arms from your fingertips up to your elbows three times. 
  7. Wipe your head starting with your hands at the front of your head, bringing them to the back of your head and then back to the front again. Do it once.
  8. Wipe inside the ears by putting index fingers in your ears and wiping the exterior of the ear with your thumbs. 
  9. Wash your feet three times up to the ankles making sure to wipe in between your toes with your little finger.

You can watch here how Muslims do it.

So here we are washing hands thoroughly which all doctors are telling us is included in Wudu, as well as the thorough cleaning of the nose and throats where viruses initially reside and multiply.

Be safe, be healthy, keep on with your Wudu.

Another blessing from God Almighty.

(Note: This is not medical advice. It is just showing how Wudu is a good hygienic practice which can help prevent viral infections as scientists are recommending).

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