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What COVID-19 Teaches Us About God

No guided missile technology or drones can stop it. No military might can battle it. No political influence can slow it down. No money can bribe it. No person's rank will matter to the inevitably spreading COVID-19.

God is showing us His might, and how truly fragile and weak the human is before Him. No matter what we build, no matter how strong we believe we are, no matter what advances we make in science, God always has been and always will be greater than everything. 

True power is only with Him, not with any world power. He is Al-Qawiy, Al-Malik.

True constant domination is only with Him, not by any military. He is Al-Qahhar. 

True safety is only with Him, not within any dwelling, bunker, face mask, or vaccine. He is Al-Mu'min.

True guardianship is only with Him, not with cameras and guns. He is Al-Muhaymin.

True might is only His. He is Al-Azeez.

He is also the only One Who can restore anything and bring peace. He is both Al-Jabbar and As-Salam. He is the only One Who can heal any sickness. He is Ash-Shafee. He is the only One Who can sustain us before, during, and after a crisis. He is Al-Qayyoom.

As much as we are instilled with doubt of His existence and the blurring of His guidelines of morality through entertainment and thought leaders, He inescapably remains exactly Who He is, in all His Glory and Purity.

This is one thing that unites the human race: our weakness before God. Our inability to conquer something so microcosmic, that we would not even be able to see it without special equipment. And yet, with all of our technology, science, and resources, we literally cannot stop it. This is a sobering moment for anyone who dares to reflect on the greater meaning behind all of what appears to be chaos.

I ask The All-Mighty, The All-Healing, The All-Merciful to protect us all on this earth from the rampant negative effects of the disease itself, and from the panic it’s causing. I ask the Ultimate Healer to bring us all to the other side of this pandemic healthier and stronger than before. I ask The Instiller of Safety to allow us to emerge from this unharmed. I ask the All-Loving to allow us to remain mentally healthy and strong during this anxiety-inducing time. I ask the All-Merciful to have mercy on those who are destitute, the homeless, refugees, single parents, low-income households, those suffering from physical or mental illness, those who have lost loved ones, those who feel alone, those who are far from You, I ask You, oh You Who are Most Mercy-giving, to drench them in Your mercy, to bring them and us closer to You through every hardship You allow us to experience.

Oh Allah, allow us to grow ever closer to You, to be in remembrance of You, to recognize the signs of Your might as opportunities to submit to You, to respond to Your gift of moral guidance, so that we may live lives that are blessed and pleasing to You, oh Lord of the worlds. Our lives and livelihoods are in Your All-Capable Hands. I ask You, dear Lord, when there is no one else to turn to, to grant us strength to be fair to others in need, to treat others as we would want to be treated, at a time when it is so easy to lose sight of the importance of giving to those not in our family.

Ya Allah, just as You have shown us through Your last Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, that all humans are important and worthy, guide us to be kind and generous to our neighbors and to strangers. Ya Allah have mercy on all those who have passed before us, and give patience to those who have lost loved ones. Oh Allah above all of this, guide us so that when we emerge from this time, You are pleased with us, and we are healthier for it.

Forgive us for our shortcomings, and reunite us and our loved ones on the Day when there is no shade but Yours, under Your shade, and let us enter Your highest level of heaven, without being questioned. Send Your peace and blessings on our beloved, immaculate example of a man, Prophet Muhammad, and his followers, until the day we meet You. Ameen.

All praise and gratitude is due to Allah, Lord of the worlds.

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