Muslims consider ALL lives sacred. But because of the onslaught of wars and terrorism, Muslim voices of condemnation have drowned.

In fact, for many Muslims, condemning terrorism seems to have become the sixth pillar of Islam! After any incident of terrorism, representatives of mosques, Islamic centers and organizations, bloggers, and writers sit with their fingers ready at their keyboards, prepared to issue condemnations for crimes they have not committed.

Yet, despite these clear statements stating their and the Islamic position condemning terrorism, Muslims are routinely accused of “not condemning terrorism”.

Sadly, neither media cares to publish these press releases, nor do terrorists hear these voices of condemnation!

A U.S. Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopter

Has our strategy for fighting the scourge of terrorism given us the ultimate result: safety, peace and security somewhat reminiscent of our lives pre-9/11? We are currently spending billions of taxpayer dollars to hunt down terrorists around the world in the interest of our safety. But are we dealing with the symptoms or the disease itself?


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