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I being a mom of three girls and a granddaughter is saddened by the news of the recent senseless murder/ suicide. Why the masajids not doing Khutbas on “daruba ” and “qawamun” the role of Hadith degrading women as “fitna “or temptress why are we shoving these issues under the rug. Masajids are I’ll equipped, Imams are not trained uneducated who only advise “sabar” a”sacrifice “and endurance. Women are marginalized in the masajids only the one who follow the men blindly or dressed in a certain way are allowed and made masajids exclusive clubs not welcoming for everyone. Domestic violence is so underreported and women are held responsible for all children’s and marital problems. This culture needs to change not bandaids when something bad happens.



Assalaamu Alaikum sister Ayesha,

I agree with you 100%!! Everything you have said is so very TRUE. May Allah Subhanawata’alah guide our community on the path of righteousness. Ameen Ya Rabbul Alameen🌿🌸. 

I was working I couldn’t attend this Khutba. 

Thank you. 

sister Rafath



Is it possible to record the khutba so that those who miss it can listen to it? Today I felt sad because I missed the khutba about Ramadan today


Lakeland, Florida


Due to time difference as I am from a far away country, I cannot attend the virtual Khutba. Is it possible to record it and make it available offline? This could probably reach a larger audience. Thank you to consider.



I agree with comment about. Other countries miss this Khutba due to time difference. Would be good to release on the eve of Jummuah so that it reaches many. JAK 



Assalaam alaikum, how do I reduce the volume? It’s too loud.


Mississauga, Ontario, Canada

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