Imams and khateebs: Dealing with Islamophobia |

Imams and khateebs: Dealing with Islamophobia

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Dear Imams and Khateebs

Assalamu Alaikum

A large number of Imams have informed me that they use articles from Sound Vision's website for their sermons. May Allah accept it. In consideration of this, I am taking the liberty to suggest some points for your forthcoming Khutba.

You are the people who have the honor and privilege of communicating with our Ummah on a regular basis. You know Muslims and know how much they are hurting today about the depiction of Rehmatul lil alameen as a terrorist.

We are raised to love the Prophet more than our mother and father. Allahumma Salle ala Muhammad.

It is therefore a natural reaction. Amazingly it was all peaceful since September until a week ago. Muslims refused to play along as they resorted to a boycott of Danish products instead. All that changed this week unfortunately, once again reaffirming the violent image of Islam in the eyes of people. Surprisingly though, a large number of people in an unscientific poll are saying that Muslims are right in their protest.

In addition, some Iranian newspapers have commissioned the drawing of anti-Semitic cartoons in protest. This is a disgusting form of retaliation that deserves absolute condemnation. It will neither help fight Islamophobia, nor elicit any understanding about why Muslims are upset about the Danish cartoons. The conflict has hit a new low with this move.

Please comfort the hearts of the believers as you give your Khutba this Friday. Continue to send your love and praises on Rehmatul lil Alameen throughout the Khutba. Recount the simplicity of his life and his mercifulness to all the Mushrik Makkans. Tell Muslims about the incident at Taif and how the Prophet showed mercy to the people who sent their children after him and threw stones on him until he was bleeding. Discuss the story of the woman who would repeatedly throw garbage at him, but who he visited out of concern on the day she did not do this.

It is important to sympathize with Muslims by saying that

  1. This incident was not an accident. This neo-con newspaper commissioned these cartoons
  2. The Danish prime minister refused to meet 11 Muslim ambassadors
  3. It is not an issue of freedom of speech. The same newspapers would have never commissioned cartoons against other religious, racial or ethnic groups

Connect Cartoons with Islamophobia

  1. Abuses of the Quran, torture of prisoners, bombing of civilians, all are signs of Islamophobia
  2. Islamophobia is as wrong as anti-Semitism
  3. It is our duty to communicate and build bridges of understanding

Condemn wrong behavior of some Muslims

  1. Muslim demonstrations were peaceful for four months until a few spoiled it for all of us this week by burning the embassy and Danish flags.
  2. It is wrong to use this incident to insult another religious group, as some Iranian newspapers have done by commissioning anti-Jewish cartoons
  3. Use Quran 6:108 to describe why not abusing others' symbol of love, respect and pride is important in Islam
  4. Use Quran 41: 34-35 to discuss the winning strategic guidance by Allah

There are many phone calls and emails I am receiving by Muslims who are asking why we are silent. We are not silent. The Muslim American leadership has condemned it. However, if you decide to support or organize public protest ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What will be the goals of such a demonstration? The newspaper and the Prime Minister of Denmark both have already apologized this week.
  2. If you do decide to organize a rally, it should be an honorable demonstration in which we sing the praises of the Prophet. We and our children sit down silently. No speeches, no slogans, no placards, just silent readings of the Quran.
  3. Or may be you want to invite people of all faiths to come and join us reading their favorite books.

As leaders of the community, we must give voice to the frustrations of our community in a way that reflects Islamic principles. That means calmly discussing the issue and suggesting practically how to reduce the tension. We must do this with wisdom and love for the Ummah, as well as love for the Prophet.

Thank you for your time and attention. Please end your Khutba this Friday with a Dua for the Ummah and for the opening of others' hearts towards Islam and Muslims, as well as for a better understanding between peoples of all backgrounds.


Your brother in faith

Abdul Malik Mujahid


we muslims are kind and must show a good example of nabi mohamed (s/a/w)its true we love him more than anything in this world ,lets show the world our love to him (s/a/w) by praying more amin



Jazakallah khair for this! Many leaders around here have not even discussed the cartoons! Inshallah this will help in having the issue addresses in many masajid.


duaein for you people from the depth of my heart May Allah give muslims courage and unity to fight back these evil attitude in a peaceful manner patiently.As our Holy prophet (P.B.U.H.)was the most patient person in this universe we should follow the same attitude to show our love for him



This is the right way to approach the problem - in a peaceful manner! Thank you!



As most people with a conscience and God/Allah in my heart, I was so hurt for the TOTAL lack of respect and consideration demonstrated in the different European newspapers which are supposedly "civilized nations." We all know that ignorance is in surplus all over the world and that there are a lot of unhappy people, and misery needs misery. But this type of "ethical and responsible journalism" was something nobody in the whole world expected. Free speech is great when duty is taken into consideration, and it also comes with an enormous responsibility. Those who pulished this hatred with the intention to incite negativity accomplished their goal, and therefore have to take responsibility for the outcome of their actions. People don't seem to understand that we all, no matter where we're from, the color of our skin or the religion we profess; we all work for one common goal, and it is actually more we have in common as people on a whole than our differences. Another thing, Islam, Judeism and Christianity are all Abrahamic religions. Nobody has the right to profanicize what anothr group holds sacred



Excellent list of points, masha Allah!


New York, NY

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