i ask myself why oh why!!!

i ask myself why oh why!!!

"Oh how swiftly, it's mid-Ramadan now

I sit here, wondering and thinking how,

Have I spent my first days of Ramadan fruitfully?

Or have I wasted the time unknowingly?"


Ramadhan comes, for a short month it's here

Will I ever meet the Ramadan next year?

Allah Oh Allah, help me guide my heart through

For only You know, if I've devoted enough to You."

-excerpts of the poem "Not done enough this Ramadan" by Udiana Jamalludin

Ramadan, as usual, has flown by. Despite planning beforehand, many of us may have gotten caught up in a routine after accustoming ourselves to the change in schedule the blessed month brings.

This may have affected our initial plans to increase our worship, contemplation and to seek Allah's Forgiveness and Mercy with greater fervor. But the last ten days and nights of Ramadan are still ahead for us to benefit from. Ramadan, as usual, has flown by. "I ask myself why oh why" these questions and see what you can do to make the most of what's left of Ramadan this year, Insha Allah..

  1. Have I kept pace with the amount of Quran I wanted to read, or have I fallen behind?
  2. If so, how much do I have to read on a daily basis the rest of Ramadan to catch up?
  3. Have I tried to attend Tarawih regularly, or did I use weak excuses to get out of it?
  4. Did I ever pray the night prayer?
  5. Did I try praying my five daily prayers with more sincerity, concentration, and focus than usual?
  6. Did I invite anyone over for Iftar (breaking the fast)?
  7. Did I help any needy person, even a panhandler or beggar, when I was fasting?
  8. Did I regularly seek Allah's Forgiveness and Mercy with sincerity, fear and hope?
  9. Did I encourage my family to fast or participate in regular opportunities for more rewards that come with Ramadan (i.e. good deeds in general, but also Tarawih, more reading of the Quran, etc.).
  10. Did I memorize any more Quran than what I knew before Ramadan started?
  11. Did I try to be more patient in Ramadan than I normally am?
  12. Did I try to control my anger, especially while fasting?
  13. Did I try harder to avoid backbiting and slander?
  14. Did I constantly check my intentions, to make sure that my good deeds were for the sake of Allah alone, not to impress others, gain their favor, or to show off?
  15. Was there even an atom of pride in my heart?
  16. Was I quieter and more contemplative?
  17. Did I cry in my prayers?
  18. Did I read more Islamic literature apart from the Quran?
  19. Did I make sincere repentance to Allah, really feeling sorry for my sins?
  20. Did I forgive those who hurt me?
  21. Did I avoid hurting anyone with my attitude, words, intentions or actions?
  22. Did I give any more Sadaqah (charity) than I normally give?
  23. Did I share the message of Ramadan and Islam with a non-Muslim?
  24. Did I share the message of Ramadan and Islam with a non-practicing Muslim family member or friend?
  25. Did I feel annoyed at being hungry while fasting or did I rejoice?

Photo Attribution - Abhinav Hasija - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Peace_Bridge_-_at_Moonrise.jpg


Jazakalahu kher for this fantastic web site. I found this site today and i spend hours reading through.I always wished that I had more knowledge about ISLAM and Ramdhan.I found your site very easy to understand. Jazakalahu kher. May Allah reward each and every one of you who put this site together. Inshallah.


i love it all.may Allah give u all great knowledge and wisdom



in the name of ALLAH most gracious and most merciful...when i read the question tears fall to my eyes...cos ive answer in negative wys im sad but may allah 4give me in this last days of ramadan INSHAALLAH..



I have tried to answer all 24 questions in the affirmative but all my tongue could utter was "Allahuma innaka afughun, tuhibul afgha, faafughanii" May Allah strengthen us in the remaining days of Ramadhan to be able to answer yes to all. Maa Salaam.



By Allah, it only takes Allah's rahma to have the answers positive. I feel grieved and hence pray Allah forgives us all and make us accomplish the task.



salam alaykumfelt like crying cos i asked those questions and most of my answers were negativewell i know it's not too late may Allah forgive and strengthen us all



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