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Missing thoughts

In the quietness of my thoughts
I reached out
and found nothing.
Patient tears flowed upon an endless crevice
burning the current's path into a deeper emotion-
Visions of material success, possessions and fame
built empty dreams upon weak ideals.
In a self-created world, my self-created world, I was surrounded
by frustration, denial and an image of who I'd become.
Recollection of parties,
of school
of life
of awards
of moments that were drawn up to reflect "living" and "achievement"
-drawn by a girl who thought she was the artist-
Are nothing more than pieces that remain dead to the conscience of my heart. Memories of times when I thought I should be happy
I stood shuddering in shameful loneliness
letting the bitter wind of reality consume me
and yet I don't know why. . .
Feelings I see in my patchwork of faded existence seem to reveal that
Something was missing,
Is still missing
Was always missing.
I quiet myself further and try and find out why the tears
burn with shame and the Noor has disappeared from my face.
Perhaps it was never there
Perhaps I never let it into my heart
Perhaps I thought I was strong enough on my own.
"Oh Allah (swt) please forgive me,
I need You, I need Your guidance, Your forgiveness,
Your mercy. I am nothing when I fail to remember You,
I am nothing without You
. . . I am nothing at all"




subhanallah! something 4 us all in here - i hav neva seen a poem abt feelings expressed so clearly and beautifully in english



"Mashaallah!!!!!!" the only word my heart hesitates not to utter. it reaps deeply .& reminds me that we are all something that Allah made from nothing....& If u think u are something..(more than Allah has made u to be..)...then...U are nothing that Allah create from nothing (nutfah)


the author of this poem speaks from the hear, and thats the best thing of all. May allah guide us all to the same conclusion as the poet!!



Poems are meant to express the way you feel, and the mood of this poem is really rough, and tense! This poem should only inspire young muslim teens to remember who they are, and their purpose on Earth. Just remember that you live for jenna



Asalmualyakum dis poem is deeeeepp!!!!!!! Mashallah , allah has wished it 2 be read may allah grant all the muslims out dere the courage 2 accept the truth that in short widout the grace mercy n excellence of Allah Ta'alah we r nothing n thank allah for our blessings becoz where wud we be widout em? - Smudge



aa,mashaallah this poem is very beautiful and very touching..ws,sufia






Mashallah a poem full of Davaha Mashalah Allah has blessed the author i really understood the poem as i thought life was meaning less without the true and only religion ISLAM Jazakillah luv u for da sake of Allah



I think that the poem was the excellent poem i have ever read in my life and May Allah reward the author. Life is meant to be fun and you will never know when it will end. Live your live peacefully and mercifully.



A truly inspiring poem!!!




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