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Missing thoughts

In the quietness of my thoughts
I reached out
and found nothing.
Patient tears flowed upon an endless crevice
burning the current's path into a deeper emotion-
Visions of material success, possessions and fame
built empty dreams upon weak ideals.
In a self-created world, my self-created world, I was surrounded
by frustration, denial and an image of who I'd become.
Recollection of parties,
of school
of life
of awards
of moments that were drawn up to reflect "living" and "achievement"
-drawn by a girl who thought she was the artist-
Are nothing more than pieces that remain dead to the conscience of my heart. Memories of times when I thought I should be happy
I stood shuddering in shameful loneliness
letting the bitter wind of reality consume me
and yet I don't know why. . .
Feelings I see in my patchwork of faded existence seem to reveal that
Something was missing,
Is still missing
Was always missing.
I quiet myself further and try and find out why the tears
burn with shame and the Noor has disappeared from my face.
Perhaps it was never there
Perhaps I never let it into my heart
Perhaps I thought I was strong enough on my own.
"Oh Allah (swt) please forgive me,
I need You, I need Your guidance, Your forgiveness,
Your mercy. I am nothing when I fail to remember You,
I am nothing without You
. . . I am nothing at all"




it brought tears to my eyes and yet i smiled at the end. insha'allah you will go on to right more inspiring pieces. Masha'allah



Mashallah!This is a very touching piece of poetry.As I am a teenager myself, I find that what is written rings true. The author needs to write more of these, if possible. The Muslim community needs more inspiration like this in order to stay as a whole. Alhamdulillah that we have people like this who will keep the spirit of Islam strong in our hearts, despite all the Shaitan's evil around us.



salaam i really enjoyed reding the peom it is very touching and i love the way u hve expressd ur self, it is amazin loved it wanna read it again. i hope we all of the knowing that allah(swt)is around us all the time.



You have managed to portray some of the subtle observations of being in a state of confusion, the fake world built around oneself blinding them from the truth. And how it all crumbles sometime (inshallah) and one opens their eyes to use them for the first time and to see their insignificance in light of the creator.



Maha'allah. You are not nothing at all because Allah has answered your Du'a. Insha 'allah you will stay happy and will not feel lonliness in the hereafter. Subhan'allah Your poetry can certainly get to the heart of an inspired and respected Muslim. Remember He is all-knowing and Ever forgiving. Rukhsar



Perfect! MashaAllah..... wanted to read it over and over and over again!!!



Subhanallah. You have truly showed your talent that Allah Ta'alah has rewarded you



Assalam o alikumA very good and poem and we should take the lesson from this poem.



ASSALAM O ALIKUM,A very interesting and amazing poem so i like it and we should all take the real lesson from it.



IT IS VERY INTERESTING, A REMARKABLE PIECE OF POETRY, VERY TOUCHING. May allah guide us all to the same conclusion as the poet!!


Newcastle upon tyne, England


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