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Diary of a Haji: Day 2

May 8, 1994:

At Amman airport [in Jordan] we spent about five hours before the next flight.

We found a place on the upper floor to put on Ihram clothes and slippers. We made Wudu, offered two Rakahs and made an intention for Umra. We then recited Talbiyah often. Umra is the lesser Hajj which can be performed at any time of the year.

The Quran enjoins:

    "...accomplish Hajj and Umra to please Allah." (2:196)

We had planned for Hajj Tamattu. In Hajj Tamattu, one can take off Ihram clothes between the Umra and Hajj. A Mutamatti pilgrim performs Umra and Hajj together in the same Hajj season, which starts with the Islamic month of Shawwal and lasts till the 10th of Zul-Hijjah.

The plane to Jeddah was much better. Seats were comfortable and they showed documentaries about Hajj. The flight had a computerized screen displaying current flight data such as the current location, altitude, and temperature.

It was a very strange feeling to be in Ihram clothes. I was concerned about getting naked and became very careful in my movements. I sat with a Malaysian dressed up in a suit and thought that he must be working in Saudi Arabia.

After talking to him I found out that he had done the Hajj before and was returning to do it again. Khalid, with his innate leadership qualities, took control of the microphone and asked everyone to repeat Talbiyah with him.

         "Labbaik, Allah humma labbaik. Labbaika la sharika laka labbaik.
Innal hamda wann'imata laka wal mulk. La sharika lak."

Recitation of Talbiyah elevated my soul towards Allah Ta'ala. I felt relaxed and content. The message of the Talbiyah helped me focus towards One God, the True God, Who has no partners, the Praiseworthy, the Merciful.


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