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Diary of a Haji: Day 7-9

May 13-15 1994 (Friday-Sunday):

Today we had a chance to pray Juma prayer at Masjid Nabvi. We went there [at] around 10:30 a.m. to find a suitable place. The Juma Khutba was only about 20 minutes long and was in Arabic.


We came to know from [the] Makkah office that Imran has been found alive and well. Alhamdulillah, all thanks are to Allah Ta'ala.

The story goes as follows: Imran was only about 10 minutes late to catch the bus the day he was lost.

Our leader, Khalid, was convinced by some others that he may have gone by an earlier bus ( a simple but costly mistake.)

When Imran did not see a bus, he went to the Lost Pilgrims Office [at] around 10:00. The office is located in the vicinity of the Haram.

The office did not have Imran's address registered with the Muallim, so they could not help him go back to his place. At one time when some of us went back to [look for] him, it appears that there was someone sleeping with a blanket covering his entire body and we did not feel [it would be right] to wake him up and thus missed him that time.

He slept in the Haram, did six Tawafs of Kaba during the period he was missing. Luckily he did have enough money under his belt [for] food.

He met several lost pilgrims from Hazarah, Pakistan and helped them in any way he could by talking to the officials on their behalf. By walking so much during that time, he had blisters on his feet.

When we asked him about how he got lost, he said, "I was not lost. I knew where I was. It was the other 59 people who were lost and I was looking for them."

[Once] during his plight, the Muallim took him to his house, washed his clothes and fed him. He emphasized the significance of having identifications on, especially the wrist bands. Imran was in Madinah late that night.

I spent the next two days going to the Prophet's Masjid and praying as before. On Sunday, I had a chance to call home from a post office phone. I was reminded by my family that today was my birthday.

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