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What Masjids can do to defend Sharia

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It is likely that the current debate about Sharia will continue for a while. For that reason we suggest that your Masjid develop a one-year plan to address the issue in a multi-dimensional way. Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Get brochures about Sharia for your Masjid

Sound Vision has developed three brochures on Sharia. If your Masjid or Islamic center contributes to our Sharia 101 project, they are free. If you choose not to, they are available for purchase at cost.

  1. Comparing Jewish Halakha, Catholic Canon Law & Sharia in the USA
  2. How Muslim Americans Live Sharia?
  3. Why did the US Supreme Court honor the Prophet in 1935 as one of the great lawgivers of the world?

2. Organize a Sharia 101 program

The program can invite neighbors, Muslims and non-Muslims essentially to offer a short 20-minute presentation followed by a 40-minute question and answer session. Please be ready to answer all known questions on Sharia. Also be willing to go back and research a question you don’t know and follow up with the questioner.

3. Organize an interfaith program about religious laws

Jewish Halakha is quite similar to Sharia, as is Catholic Canon law. They are very elaborate and are practiced by Jews and Catholics while being recognized in the U.S. court system. It will be an amazingly educational program for Muslims as well as our neighbors to have a panel of a Rabbi, a Priest, and Imam. Maybe you can title it “A Rabbi, a Priest, and an Imam Discuss Their Religious Laws.”

4. Organize a few Khutba on this topic

Here are a few topics to educate Muslims about it:

  • What is Sharia
  • How Sharia came into being
  • How Muslims practice Sharia
  • What Sharia is or isn’t

If you need sample Khutbas, please let us know <info@soundvision.com subject=Sharia Khutba>

5. Have a weekend school lesson plan about Sharia

Whatever we are talking about, it is crucial to have it explained simply for our children. All of the above-mentioned topics can be used to develop lesson plans for your weekend school or Islamic study circles.

If you need lesson plans insha Allah Sound Vision will develop them and send them to you. Sharia lesson plans

Can any one volunteer to do this for the rest of us?

6. Finance a book about Sharia

Sound Vision is working right now to develop a 70 to 80-page book on Sharia. If funding is available, we intend to have expert journalists and writers engaged in finalizing it. If your Masjid can contribute for this project through its Zakat fund, we have a program to provide free copies of the book for you to use and distribute.

Sharia is banned in three states and this Islamophobic practice is being spread to 17 others. It will likely hit your state if it is not already there. So please get ready to have this book available in your Masjid to be shared with Muslims and non-Muslims. <info@soundvision.com subject=Sharia book>

If you have other ideas on how to handle this challenge to Sharia in America, please share it with us by emailing info@soundvision.com with the word “Sharia issue” in the subject line.


"Abu el-Haggag R03" by Marc Ryckaert (MJJR) - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons - http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Abu_el-Haggag_R03.jpg#mediaviewer/File:Abu_el-Haggag_R03.jpg


I wish to commend your effort in disseminating authentic information about Shariah and Islam. May you not be deny the reward of your effort.

Salamu alaik


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