• Support & Promote Crisis Line

    It is a critical, much needed, and much overdue service for Muslims: a Crisis Line. 

    Sound Vision is launching a 24/7 Crisis Line.

    We have been working on it for the last nine months. 

    Several trained volunteers are already in place. 

    This Crisis Line can save lives in times of stress, anxiety, or depression. 

    Please Volunteer & Promote!


  • Quran: A Muslim’s guide to Positive Psychology and Flourishing

    Before diving into the Qur’an, it is important to provide a brief summary of the emerging, and exciting field of positive psychology. Historically, psychology has focused on relieving distressful and disabling psychological symptoms and behaviors.

    Thus, the traditional goal of psychology has been to ameliorate or mask psychological problems (ie depression, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia, etc).  Such significant medical problems often require the involvement of trained medical personal, and at times prescription of medications. 

  • What Masjids Can Do To Fight Islamophobia?

    A Masjid, is the house of Allah, but it should also be our home away from home.  Somewhere where we feel welcome and can sit and reflect on our lives, and make our connection with Allah stronger, as well as host programs that makes our community stronger.

    A Masjid is a community center and a house of worship. Where we can serve both the creator and the creation. As the New Year approaches, here are some goals, all of our Masjids should try to achieve in the upcoming year.

    The Masjid is where the action is. Muslims and their resources are connected with Masjids. Rethinking how to use those resources will help the Ummah greatly.


  • State of Muslim Mental Health

    Not all people who have mental health issues become violent. But some do. However, there hasn't been much discussion about why this is the case, and even less so when it involves Muslims. This indicates that there is an urgent need to pay attention to this.

    Last year, Gallup's Center for Muslim Studies released its report "Muslim Americans: A National Portrait" describing itself as an in-depth report on the nation's most diverse religious community. It is the first-ever nationally representative study of a randomly selected sample of Americans issuing more than 300,000 interviews of U.S. households.


Sound Vision Updates

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