• Support & Promote Crisis Line

    It is a critical, much needed, and much overdue service for Muslims: a Crisis Line. 

    Sound Vision is launching a 24/7 Crisis Line.

    We have been working on it for the last nine months. 

    Several trained volunteers are already in place. 

    This Crisis Line can save lives in times of stress, anxiety, or depression. 

    Please Volunteer & Promote!


  • Sunnah Days to Fast Throughout the Year

    With the end of Ramadan comes the beginning of nostalgia. We count down the days until next Ramadan, and often feel at a loss.
    While Ramadan is a special time, there are ways to incorporate the blessings of fasting on regular basis. The Prophet, peace be upon him, would fast, not continuously, but periodically, throughout the year. Fasting is another act of worship, and its reward is one promised by Allah - so one can only begin to imagine the magnitude of blessings.
    While one can fast any time of the year, there are days specifically mentioned that carry more reward should one partake in fasting. 

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  • How do you Lose those Post-Ramadan Blues? 9 Tips Primary tabs

    Post-Ramadan letdown is real.

    That feeling of excitement during the blessed month keeps us motivated to fast despite all kinds of hardship. It also greatly lifts our spirits and faith.

    Which is why life post-Ramadan can be downright depressing. It’s akin to the post-holiday blues some people get after Christmas. All that buildup and excitement of meeting, eating, and greeting all gone. Life goes back to the mundane.

    This year, try to carry over the happiness of Ramadan through to next year. Here are some ways how. 

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  • State of Muslim Mental Health

    Not all people who have mental health issues become violent. But some do. However, there hasn't been much discussion about why this is the case, and even less so when it involves Muslims. This indicates that there is an urgent need to pay attention to this.

    Last year, Gallup's Center for Muslim Studies released its report "Muslim Americans: A National Portrait" describing itself as an in-depth report on the nation's most diverse religious community. It is the first-ever nationally representative study of a randomly selected sample of Americans issuing more than 300,000 interviews of U.S. households.


Sound Vision Updates

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Prophet's Exhibit: A portable, full color, exhibit about the Prophet.

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Every year, as the income tax deadline looms near, you may have noticed "tax clinics" popping up here and there in North America. These are quick solutions offered by accountants to help people fill out the reams of income tax paperwork or to assist those who, after filling out their forms, just want to get a second opinion from a "tax doctor".


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