Some statistics and facts about pornography |

Some statistics and facts about pornography

Some statistics and facts about pornography


Addiction to pornography

Cyberporn is giving rise to a new form of sexual compulsiveness. 15% of online-porn habitue's develop sexual behavior that disrupts their lives. The Internet is the "crack cocaine" of sexual addiction.

-Cybsersex Exposed: Simple Fantasy or Obsession? by Jennifer Schneider

      Pornography consumption can be as "mood altering" and as addictive as narcotics.

-a study by Richard Drake, assistant professor at Brigham Young University College of Nursing.

    Studies show pornography is progressive and addictive for many. It often leads to the user acting out his fantasy - often on children.

-Victor Cline, Ph.D., Department of Psychology, University of Utah 1988, Pornography Effects: Empirical and Clinical Evidence, pg. 24

Pornography and sex addiction

    The average age of first time contact of pornography among sex addicts is 11.

-American Family Association OutReach, 1997

Pornography's effects on fathers

      More sophisticated analysis reveals that men who had "purchased pornographic materials in the past year" had significantly lower marital, fathering and family-life satisfaction when compared to those who had not purchased pornographic materials in the past year.

-National Center for Fathering

Pornography and divorce

      At a 2003 meeting of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, two thirds of the 350 divorce lawyers who attended said the Internet played a significant role in the divorces in the past year, with excessive interest in online porn contributing to more than half such cases. Pornography had an almost non-existent role in divorce just seven or eight years ago.

Pornography and sexual assault

      Research gathered over the past few decades demonstrates that pornography contributes to sexual assault, including rape and the molestation of children.

-Pornography Victims Compensation Act of 1992, U.S. Senate Comm. on the Judiciary

      Child molesters often use pornography to seduce their prey, to lower the inhibitions of the victim, and to serve as an instruction manual.

- W.L. Marshall, Ph.D., Pornography and Sexual Offenders, in PORNOGRAPHY: RESEARCH ADVANCES AND POLICY

Who consumes pornography

     A primary pornography consumer group is boys between ages 12 - 17.

-Attorney General's Final Report on Pornography, 1986, pg. 258

Pornography's effect on sexual relationships

      Pornography distorts the natural development of personality. If the early stimulus is pornographic photographs, the adolescent can be conditioned to become aroused through photographs.  Once this pairing is rewarded a number of times, it is likely to become permanent.  The result to the individual is that it becomes difficult for the person to seek out relations with appropriate persons.

-Jerry Bergman, Ph.D., The Influence of Pornography on Sexual Development: Three Case Histories, IX Family Therapy 3, 1982, pg. 265.

General Statistics on Pornography on the web

  • There are 4.2 million pornographic websites. This represents 12 percent of all websites in the world
  • Every day, there are 68 million search engine requests for pornographic material. That is 25 percent of all search engine requests.
  • Average daily pornographic emails per user: 4.5 per user
  • There are 100,000 websites that offer illegal child pornography
  • Annually, there are 72 million worldwide visitors to pornographic websites

Statistics by Family Safe Media

   As of July 2003, there were 260 million pages of porn online, an increase of 1800% since 1998. Porn amounts to about 7% of the 3.3 billion pages indexed by Google.

-N2H2/Secure Computing Corp.

  • The average age of first internet exposure to pornography is 11 years.

- Family Safe Media

   70% of teens have accidentally stumbled across pornography online.
-Kaiser Family Foundation

"Our internet search engine reports reveal a disturbing reality. In over 99% of the hits directed to our site, the person performing the search was looking for pornography, many looking for child pornography. To think, 99% used pornography search words inspired our project, Internet Intervention. Internet Intervention is a network of computers, hosting hundreds of websites, which direct the keyword searcher of child pornography to an Intervention Help Site. The very people that need it the most see our message of help. Click here to see a help website that you could have been directed to if you use child pornography search words on your search engine request."

-From the website of the Tonya Flynt Foundation, an anti-pornography website. Tony Flynt is the daughter of notorious American pornographer Larry Flynt.

Online Porn Tactics

  • Pornographers disguise their sites (i.e. "stealth" sites) with common brand names, including Disney, Barbie, ESPN, etc., to entrap children.
    (Cyveillance Study)

Child pornography

      More than 20,000 images of child pornography are posted on the Internet every week (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 10/8/03).

A Multibillion dollar industry

     Pornography is a $12-$13 billion-a-year industry-more than the combined annual revenues of the Coca-Cola and McDonnell Douglas corporations.

-From an Affair of the Mind by Laurie Hall.

    Pornographic entertainment on the Internet constituted the third largest sector of sales in cyberspace, with estimated annual revenues of $100 million.  Such marketing success has fueled an increase in the size of the pornography industry -- $10 billion annually, according to conservative estimates.

-Anthony Flint, Skin Trade Spreading Across U.S., Boston Sunday Globe, Dec. 1, 1996, at A1.

Pornography in films

      Americans rent upwards of 800 million porn videos and DVD's a year compared with 3.6 billion nonporn videos. Nearly one in five rentals is a porn flick.

-Adams Media Research

    • Hollywood produces 400 feature films a year. The porn industry churns out 11,000.

-Adult Video News

    • One is 4 American adults surveyed in 2002 admitted to seeing an x-rated movie in the last year.

-National Opinion Research Letter

Hits on a porn site

    Playboy's headquarters received 4.7 million hits (electronic visits) in a recent seven-day period.

-Promise Keepers website


"Undoubtedly, the information detailed and checked on proposes that the proposition is legend and, in the event that anything, there is a reverse causal connection between an expansion in erotic entertainment and sex wrongdoings. Further, thinking about the discoveries of investigations of network measures and wide spread use of SEM [sexually express material], clearly in nearby networks, as broadly and universally, pornography is accessible, generally utilized, and felt proper for deliberate grown-up utilization. On the off chance that there is an agreement against erotic entertainment, it is with respect to any SEM that includes kids or minors in its creation or utilization. In conclusion, we see that issues with suggestive materials are frequently made based on assumed genuine, social, or good damage to ladies. No such circumstances and logical results has been exhibited with any negative outcome."



I am writing a article on pornography, considering the issue that why pornography is bad for children, why not for adult. Thanks for your insightful information. I was just looking for similar kind of writing on pornography.



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I am Buddhist & given info is very good for the addict.


I am also a christian and am doing a speech on why porn is bad and I would just like to thank you for your sight, God Bless



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I am currently doing research for a statistics project in my math class. I found your site to be very helpful in some ways. However I can not seem to find on your site or on anyone elses the influence that pornogrophy has on the adolescent sexual activity rate. However it was refreshig to not find another porn pop up on my screen! Perhaps you should keep some charts of some sort, or graphs to show pourcentages. Thanks again.



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Since everyone else mentioned their ideology/religion, I will as well. I consider myself a secular humanist, an agnostic, by no means an atheist. I appreciate a great deal of religious and spiritual tenets. I found the site helpful, as I am searching for information on how widely consumed pornography is. As a young-adult woman, I have become more aware of the presence of pornography in the world, and in my own corner of it, Los Angeles, CA. Down the street is an "Adult Books" store. I'm considering sending them a copy of Irving Kristol's brilliant work "Pornography, Obscenity, and the Case for Censorship." This may not be a very effective form of protest, but it sure would make me feel better! As I think on it, I am more compelled to do something to protest pornography. I must also mention that I am interested in feminism, but I am confused and discouraged by the fragmentation among feminist ideologies and their feminist followers. Should a feminist movement simply congeal around the most important issues facing women? What are those issues? Do all women face some of the smae issues? Is pornography an issue that we need to identify and address, as feminists, as humanists, as humans? If we study history, we may discover that pornography, perversion, and prostitution (the so-called oldest profession) have long existed. How do we come to terms with history? What does this tell us of human nature or otherwise? There are so many questions surrounding sexuality in general! Are the secrets to human sexuality hidden in evolution or creation or whatever made us what we are today? I will chose to take a practical approach. I will study human sexuality. I will also protest against pornography. It may remain a subject that parents have difficulty talking about with their adolescent children. It may remain a subject that people choose not to address in public. But it cannot remain a subject too taboo to find mention (or rather, denunciation) in the context of protest. "Pornography is not objectionable simply because it arouses sexual desire or lust or prurience in the mind of the reader or spectator; this is a silly Victorian notion. A great many nonpornographic works—including some parts of the Bible—excite sexual desire very successfully. What is distinctive about pornography is that, in the words of D.H. Lawrence, it attempts “to do dirt on [sex].... [It is an] insult to a vital human relationship.” In other words, pornography differs from erotic art in that its whole purpose is to treat human beings obscenely, to deprive human beings of their specifically human dimension. That is what obscenity is all about. It is light years removed from any kind of carefree sensuality—there is no continuum between Fielding’s Tom Jones and the Marquis de Sade’s Justine. These works have quite opposite intentions."ATTRIBUTION: Irving Kristol (b. 1920), U.S. editor, educator. “Pornography, Obscenity, and the Case for Censorship,” Reflections of a Neoconservative, Basic Books (1983).


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