Public Feedback on ISIS Sucks Campaign

"ISIS Sucks" Billboard Campaign has generated a great buzz across Chicagoland and beyond. Thousands of our neighbors have been engaged in positive conversations. We have received a lot of encouraging feedback from the community and our neighbors. Here are some comments we have reproduced.

"Thank you - the silence has been deafening.  This type of action could definitely be a game changer, with people looking at Islam in a different light." - Jim D.

"The Billboard about ISIS and Quran quote caught my attention.  Wonderful. Thank you for speaking out.  Keep it up and you'll soon be viewed as patriots rather than as a menace.  The peace message sounds so beautiful." - Pete

Like you, I am a proud  American citizen.  I am not a Muslim, but I have known people of the Islamic faith.  I am writing to let you know that I was very moved by your community's actions in creating the "Isis Sucks" billboard.  Your comment to the news media that "as it took Christians to defeat the KKK, it will take Muslims to defeat Isis" is a great insight to the history of America.  Throughout our history, it has taken good people, both victor and victim, to create change.  

From the genocide of Native Americans, to slavery, to Japanese Interment Camps, to World War II, to Civil Rights, it has been the willingness of the few to stand for good in order to defeat evil.  Thank you for standing up. - Dr. Denise B.

I would like to commend you on your rejection of ISIS and their evil ways I think the billboards are making a huge statement and proving that Muslims are not bad it is an isolated ideology of hatred that is bad. Thank you for your leadership and bravery to step out in your community. - Chris H.

Saw your billboard on the news today and just wanted to say... Well done!  There are people in this country know that Isis does not represent your religion! I pray for peace and tolerance for all religions and this world. - Stephanie



Hello Neighbor,
Thank you for clearly separating yourselves from ISIS! Your voice and message is being heard! Keep up your good efforts to bring peace and understanding to all!



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