Free Brochures on Terror, Islamophobia & Security |

Free Brochures on Terror, Islamophobia & Security

For two and a half decades, Sound Vision has been in the business of providing practical and relevant information online to Muslims and their neighbors of other faiths on issues of Islamic living in North America.

Recently, as part of Sound Vision’s strategic vision of reaching out to millions more, a series of refreshing and timely print publications have been made available for the community to download, print, or order.

Sound Vision publications are not your typical Dawa brochures. Our neighbors and co-workers of other faiths are looking information beyond the basic tenets and pillars of Islam. They want to know what and how Muslims think about critical issues of our time and what practical advice our faith has to offer.

How Can You Make Use of Sound Vision Publications?

  • Read, read, and read! Nothing is more empowering than practical and beneficial knowledge. Learn about issues from Islamic perspective head on and take action.

  • Share with your neighbors of other faiths. Let them know what your faith has to say about matters of extremism, slavery, women, wars, Shariah….etc.

  • Keep these handy at work and offer a brochure to co-workers when sensitive issues involving Islam and Muslims come up next.

  • Equip with your interfaith partners with the correct Islamic narrative so they understand what Muslims, as their allies, feel and think about the evil crimes committed in the name of Islam.

  • Empower youth and MSA’s with these tools to clarify their own misconceptions and to defend their faith.

  • Share these on your social media networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram….etc.

How Can You Download or Order Sound Vision Publications?

  1. BELOW, click on the desired brochure link, download the pdf brochure, and print copies for sharing.

  2. Call 773-973-4200 to order print copies of our brochures.

List of Publications to Read, Download, Print & Share

Muslims Fighting Hate & Extremism: A Concrete Plan of Action

“War, hate, and terrorism are a connected phenomena. War and hate breed more terrorism. And they feed off of each other.

It is only until people of conscience begin working together at a grassroots level that we can end this cycle of death, destruction, and dysfunction. It is not impossible. But it requires commitment and patience, as well as goodwill that transcends the hate extremists of any stripe feed off of to stay in power to the detriment of others.”   >>> Read more online

What Would Prophet Muhammad Think of ISIS?

“Prophet Muhammad, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, is described in the Quran as a Mercy to all of the worlds. He came to establish peace, justice, law, and order. On the other hand, ISIS is diametrically opposed to everything he taught and expected his followers to adhere to.

Does ISIS represent Islam as lived by the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of God be upon him? The chart in this brochure makes it clear that the terrorist group does not.“  >>> Read more online

An Islamic Response to ISIS Revival of Slavery

“While we fight against different forms of slavery that persist today, there is a need for even louder faith-based voices against extremist groups like ISIS, which abuse the Quran to justify their crimes of enslaving prisoners and taking female prisoners as concubines.

Although rape does not need a theology, ISIS claims to offer one. For this reason, it is important to have a clear, informed response based on Islamic sources.” >>> Read more online

Does God Really Command Muslims to Kill Non-Muslims?

Terrorists abroad and Islamophobes at home are busy abusing Islam while building on each other’s hate. Both groups claim that God commands Muslims to kill non-Muslims wherever they find them.

The fact, however, is that a Muslim will be punished in this world under the law for killing someone. S/he will also be banished to Hellfire by God in the afterlife unless s/he repents, reinstates his or her faith, and lives a life of good deeds (Quran 25:68-70).  >>> Read more online

Ummah: Not in Turmoil but in Struggle for Freedom, Justice and Peace

“Please don’t call what is happening in the Muslim world “turmoil”. This is turmoil that births a better society.  This is a freedom struggle. And for those who have studied the history of today’s stable, democratic societies, it is part and parcel of the long-term development of democratic ideals that become reality.

The struggle for peace, justice and freedom, therefore, is an honorable struggle. The refugee crisis is created by the governments who deny freedom to their people. In a way, it is the price of freedom being extracted by the regimes that want to squelch the cry for freedom and democracy of their own people.” >>> Read more online

The Sharia Muslim Americans Live

“Over the last few years, Sharia has become a lightning rod of criticism and contempt in the United States. At this writing, three states have banned Sharia and 44 bills against it are being discussed across the country. A number of politicians are considering a federal ban to outlaw the practice of Sharia completely.

Banning Sharia is like banning Islam, and it poses a danger to not only Muslims, but all religions and their adherents in America. This brochure aims to explain in practical terms how Muslims in the United States practice Sharia, as well as why, contrary to the arguments being furthered by anti-Sharia campaigners, this is not a threat to America.” >>> Read more online

Freedom of Religions in the USA, Sharia & Jewish Halacha

“Sharia, Jewish Halacha and Catholic Canon Law, are not replacing 'the law of the land.” However for observant Catholics, Muslims and Jews their institutions and traditions are an important part of religious practice and must be respected provided that state and federal laws are observed, and participation is voluntary.

Although Muslim Americans do not operate any court system, they practice Sharia every day in their lives. This is freedom of religion. And Americans have always wanted to keep it that way.” >>> Read more online

Prophet Muhammad Honored by U.S Supreme Court

“As the United States Supreme Court judges sit in their chamber, to their right, front, and the left sides are friezes depicting the 18 greatest lawgivers of the world.

The second frieze to the right features a person holding a copy of the Quran, the Islamic holy book. It is intended to recognize Prophet Muhammad as one of the greatest lawgivers in the world, along with Moses, Solomon, Confucius, and Hammurabi, among others.” >>> Read more online

47 Safety Tips for Muslim Women

“Women in Hijab are the most at risk in the current anti-Muslim climate. Sound Vision offered these safety tips and strategies for Muslim women immediately after the 9/11 attacks. Unfortunately, not much has changed since then as far as Islamophobic harassment and crimes in America are concerned.  

May Allah protect all from harm regardless of their religious, racial, or ethnic background.” >>> Read more online

Youth Engagement Manual for Masjids, MSA's and Community Leaders

A first-of-its-kind Young Engagement Manual for Youth Workers, Social Workers, Youth Leaders, Youth Counsellors, Youth Organizations, Imams, Masjid Leaders, or Chaplains in School / College / University. 

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