The wind |

The wind

The Wind

Poem dedicated to everyone fighting for freedom in Palestine.

That wind keeps me alive

Hollow sounding from where?

I do not know where and why

Following the herd and searching for the answer

Answer to what you may ask?

I say I have no voice..for the answer is the true voice

My existence is truth...but is my truth, existence?

The answer which lies around us..we cannot find

Yet those who do find it have the inner strength

My path awaits...infinite years of calling

My Destiny exhibits love, sorrow, and death

Mourning to the true existence in which we are born to die..

My path takes me...calls me as the wind takes me away from here

Freedom is the wind in our hearts, never let it die....


hey that was a tight poem ~ Sweet peace out


Beautiful. This is a poem that is read once-and won't be forgotten.



nice poem man ok ill see u tomarrow ok later



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