Single Muslims in Ramadan; Studying for Exams In Ramadan: 6 Tips |

Single Muslims in Ramadan; Studying for Exams In Ramadan: 6 Tips

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Assalamu alaikum:

Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The believers are like a structure, parts of which support other parts” (Bukhari, Muslim). 

According to the United States Census Bureau, there are over 110 million unmarried people over the age of 18 in the country. This group of singles has been steadily on the rise due to a decline in marriage and also an increase in the divorce rate. This includes single Muslims as well. 

Single Muslims include students, divorcees, widows and widowers, as well as those who are single by choice. Reverts who are new to Islam and often the only Muslims in their families, also fall into this category and deserve special attention. 

We are in the midst of another Ramadan with some level of isolation from the community. At a time when Taraweeh prayers and community Iftars have been canceled or severely restricted, this distance from the community has been particularly taxing on single Muslims. Isolation can lead to loneliness and depression, and can also negatively affect a person’s faith. 

As a community, we must take assertive steps to reach out to our brothers and sisters who are single at this time. 

This week, we suggest ways you can reach out to single Muslims in your family and community. We also offer tips for singles on how to stay strong at this time. 

Finally, Advanced Placement and end-of-year exams are coinciding with the last week of Ramadan. Muslim students may be struggling with how to balance fasting and studying for these often nerve-racking exams. We offer some ideas for that as well this week. 


Sound Vision Team


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