Prepare For Ramadan: Consume Less, Share More; Sample Letter to Boss |

Prepare For Ramadan: Consume Less, Share More; Sample Letter to Boss

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Assalamu alaikum:

Globally, 20 percent of the world's people in the richest countries account for 86 percent of total private consumption expenditures. More specifically, this richest fifth consume 45 percent of all meat and fish, consume 58 percent of total energy, and own 87 percent of the world's vehicle fleet.

Ramadan is barely two weeks away, and if you haven’t started planning for it, there is still time to get things in order. Priority can go to informing your boss or professor about the upcoming schedule change, and requesting anything you need to make fasting and working easier. It is also an ideal time to think about how to make your Ramadan simpler, healthier, and greener. 

Our consumption and wasteful lifestyle is connected to an individualistic mindset. A simpler Ramadan is one that is far more reflective of the lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, whose example we seek to emulate. 

This will not only be a source of blessings for us personally, but it will positively impact our planet, which is reeling from the effects of catastrophic climate change. And this affects our lives in devastating ways, the most recent of which is the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Climate change raises our risk for infections. As the planet heats up, animals are headed to the poles to get out of the heat. That means animals are coming into contact with other animals they normally wouldn’t, and that creates an opportunity for pathogens to get into new hosts.

We must make this Ramadan one that takes into account not only our personal spirituality, but our responsibility to other living beings and the planet. The Prophet taught us to care for fauna and flora, to live in a healthy balance. That is what we need to strive for during the blessed month of fasting this year. 

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Commit to a Greener Mindset this Ramadan
Let's commit ourselves to a simpler lifestyle, which the Prophet preached and lived by. He forbade hunting and cutting trees in the peace sanctuary of Madinah, which he established, and insisted on a simpler lifestyle with a lower level of consumption. That lifestyle was healthier for individuals and for the environment.

The Quran and Hadith on Fasting

A compilation of verses of the Quran and sayings of Prophet Muhammad, God’s peace and blessings be upon him, about fasting in the month of Ramadan.

The Spiritual and Health Benefits of Ramadan Fasting

Ramadan is a month of self-regulation and self training, with the hope that this training will last beyond the end of Ramadan. If the lessons learned during Ramadan, whether in terms of dietary intake or righteousness, are carried on after Ramadan, their effects will be long lasting.

Sample letter to your boss
With the arrival of Ramadan, the first week of the blessed month can be difficult in terms of adjusting to a different eating and sleeping schedule. At work, this can raise questions about productivity and concentration. If you feel your boss or supervisor is someone who will understand your situation, consider sending this sample letter to them before Ramadan begins. You can adjust the letter according to your needs.

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Prepare For Ramadan" Watch it here.

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