Finding comfort with OCD in the Quran (2:286)

Finding comfort with OCD in the Quran

The whole Quran has this unbelievable way of amazing me. Its beautifully poetic verses and breath taking words just settle in my heart and mind so warmly. Though the whole Quran has the power to make me feel like everything will be okay, there is one verse that absolutely wins my heart. That verse is "On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear" 2:286. (This verse is also repeated in 6:152, 7:42 and 65:7).

I can not think of any other verse in the Quran that empowers me as much as this one does. This is a verse I often reflect on in times of stress, sadness and need. Think about it. Just repeat the words.

On NO soul does Allah place a burden GREATER than it can bear.

Now, tell me, what is it that we can not overcome? What test is too much to bear? What final exam, what major decision, what grief of a loved one passing away, do we not eventually overcome? The answer is simple - none.

This verse really hit me at a time I needed it most. For the last couple of years, I have been suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD. It is a disorder that effects millions of people, and is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.

This disorder caused me to have many unnecessary thoughts. I would repeatedly replay incidents over and over in my head. The type I have is more of a mental OCD, rather than a physical type. However, I would sometimes encounter physical anxiety. For example, sometimes I felt I had to touch something a certain amount of times or repeat things.

The hardest challenge was when I came to have difficulties in making wudu, the purification washing before performing a prayer. I was always under the impression that my wudu was not good enough or that I missed washing a spot. I would literally stand in front of the sink repeating my wudu until I thought I had it perfect. The same would happen with my prayers. I would pray the same prayer 3 times just to make sure it was "perfect".

Little did I know that on one particularly rough day, I would be inspired. I was feeling very down because of the OCD. I just could not handle it. It is hard to explain to someone who does not have it, it is just so frustrating because it seems like an easy thing to handle, but for one who has OCD it is incredibly exhausting.

So, I am standing in front of the sink, wondering to myself why it is so difficult to just be content with the things I do. I was so angry. So upset. Until the phone rang. It was my brother, calling from his college dorm.

My mom picked up the phone and spoke with him. I assume she told him that I was having a rough day, so he asked to talk to me. When I got on the phone, all he said was, "Go look in the Quran in chapter 2, verse 286".

So I went and picked up my Quran that he had recently bought me. I flipped through the pages until I came to the verse. Then I stared at the words and read them in my head. "On no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear." I had to fight back tears. I actually felt like Allah had written those words just for me.

It was that day that I really understood what those words meant. I still reflect on the words every time I need to. So I want to tell you all, my brothers and sisters, let those remarkable words settle in your hearts and minds. Always remember that there is nothing we can not overcome. Allah said so. 

(By the way, OCD can be controlled, please reach out to a doctor if you feel you need too. Always remember Allah is watching over you).


I have been suffering from this dieases since 4years..and it was started after joining a can I be free from this problem in Islamic way???



After having very bad postnatal depression I get ocd and intrusive thoughts as well thx brother for sharing this I also have tears in mu eyes now



Salam, im also one of those suffering OCD, to be honest i ignore my condition at first but it seems that it worsen even more and i just cant handle it. Im just 20 yrs.old and i think im too young to be this stress. I have no courage to seek help so i just keep it on myself which makes me more weaker. Im now currently very depressed on how to face my daily lives with this kind of disorder. Whats most hard for me is there are some people notices how i act and leads me to think that maybe theyre thinking im crazy because of my rituals behaviors. Can anyone here could help me pls. because im really about to give up .



Just ignore all the bad thoughts u have ,these are from shatan and Allah Almighty will not consider it at all , The things that are out of our control will not be considered and nor we will be punished due to these, you can also search it through Islamic lectures on the same topix

Assalaamu Alaykum

For the past 5+ years I am suffering immensely with OCD. When making istinja, I feel impure water has trickled to my upper thigh and it has also splashed to another part of my leg which I cant get to on a western style toilet. So i end up getting into the shower and washing from the waste down. I do this for almost each salah and it takes me 30 minutes each time and that is on a good day. This OCD has completely overtaken and ruined my life and peace of mind.

Every time I know I need the loo, i dread it and out off going to the point where I am now having medical sode affects.

I dont know what to do, my OCD has ruined my life.

Can anyone else tell me if they are also suffering with OCD with istinja? I want to overcome this big problem.

I pray we all overcome.




Brother is this only waswas shaitan jst putting a doubt in ua mind he whisper in ua mind this things is not perfect do it again he ll make u stress dnt repeat untill u are not sure... doubt cannot make u uncleaniness... this same things happens with me i jst ignore... who ll accept ua prayers.. Only Allah if u think this is wrong seek refuge he knows everything dnt take stress the more u give importance the more it ll trigger you... and remember onething waswas its a sign of pure faith not jst a faith..: a pure faith its a hadith in sahih muslim from Hazrat Abu hurrarah...And Allah knows the best



Assalaam. I have been suffering from anxiety, OCD, severe physical discomfort in clothing, body dismorphic disorder amongst other problems ever since my teens.

I am 31 yrs old now. About10 yes ago my problems intensified whereby I was housebound with severe depression. Algamdulilla I have managed to overcome the darkness of depression through connecting with Allah SWT with Salah, dhikr, fasting and adopting sunnah orientated lifestyle.

Although this has given me steadfastness my problems of OCD anxiety etc still remains. I have seen countless therapists and used various pharmaceuticals but still no relief.

3 years ago I discovered that most of my problems were related to an extremely sensitive nervous system. There's a term called HSP. Often though when coming across new labels for our problems we perceive them to have a cure. Once more this label was out to disappoint.

Through improving my connection with Allah I naturally started doing more Islamic reading. As I have had issues with clothing for close to 20 years I became obsessive with the sunnah dress code. This involved adopting all aspects of Rasoolullah's garments. I started wearing turban and read hadeeth that stated that no upper garments should hand past ankles. I gave up western wear for thobes. Both the pants and thobes was shortened just on the ankle. I then read further hadeeth which said that it was more preferred above the ankle. I shortened it accordingly. I later discovered hadeeth that said that Ithe should come half way on the calf!! Due to obsessive thoughts I was forced to adopt this sunnah. Algamdulillah I have been practising this sunnah for over two years now. It is however extremely difficult. People around me invluding fsmily judge me negatively for it. This affects me quite badly. If I leave the thobe longer even above ankles then when going into sujood if drops below. Hadeeth says what is below ankles is in fire of hell. I understand this in the literal sense. Big dilemma. There is however a great reward for resurrecting a sunah. InshAllah I make Dua that this gets accepted.

Besides the ocd and anxiety, I also suffer from low self esteem, fears, fatigue, bodily pains, sensitivity to noise and sensitivity to sound on a daily basis

Without any pride I have been steadfast on religious duties and extra nafl ibaadah for years now. As mentioned above this helps for the depression but not the symptoms. I beg and plea to Allah SWT to grant me and all those suffering with similar problems with a way out of our difficulties. I realise this is a test and the best of people who walked the face of the earth were tested. If we say we belive then surely we should be tested in order to join the prophets and other pious personalities in jannah.

Having said that I am just insan though and I am going through a very difficult time with obsessive thoughts. Once again may Allah SWT grants us all ease. Ameen

Please feel free to email me...


Cape Town, South Africa

Brother, just some general advice in regards to the length of the garment. The hadeeth refers to having it long (below the ankles) out of arrogance. Please look into it In Sha Allah :). May Allah give us the best in this world and the next. Ameen.

Asslamualiykum ; I have also battled with the derogatory thoughts about religious personalities and in my Wudu and Ghusal . I am improving a lot now since I started researching it with an open mind and mixing Islamic solutions with the therapies -

This is a good Source to start if you want to Cure yourself from Was'was / Mild OCD .




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