Finding comfort with OCD in the Quran (2:286)

The whole Quran has this unbelievable way of amazing me. Its beautifully poetic verses and breath taking words just settle in my heart and mind so warmly. Though the whole Quran has the power to make me feel like everything will be okay, there is one verse that absolutely wins my heart. That verse is "On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear" 2:286. (This verse is also repeated in 6:152, 7:42 and 65:7).

I can not think of any other verse in the Quran that empowers me as much as this one does. This is a verse I often reflect on in times of stress, sadness and need. Think about it. Just repeat the words.

On NO soul does Allah place a burden GREATER than it can bear.

Now, tell me, what is it that we can not overcome? What test is too much to bear? What final exam, what major decision, what grief of a loved one passing away, do we not eventually overcome? The answer is simple - none.

This verse really hit me at a time I needed it most. For the last couple of years, I have been suffering from Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, OCD. It is a disorder that effects millions of people, and is due to a chemical imbalance in the brain.

This disorder caused me to have many unnecessary thoughts. I would repeatedly replay incidents over and over in my head. The type I have is more of a mental OCD, rather than a physical type. However, I would sometimes encounter physical anxiety. For example, sometimes I felt I had to touch something a certain amount of times or repeat things.

The hardest challenge was when I came to have difficulties in making wudu, the purification washing before performing a prayer. I was always under the impression that my wudu was not good enough or that I missed washing a spot. I would literally stand in front of the sink repeating my wudu until I thought I had it perfect. The same would happen with my prayers. I would pray the same prayer 3 times just to make sure it was "perfect".

Little did I know that on one particularly rough day, I would be inspired. I was feeling very down because of the OCD. I just could not handle it. It is hard to explain to someone who does not have it, it is just so frustrating because it seems like an easy thing to handle, but for one who has OCD it is incredibly exhausting.

So, I am standing in front of the sink, wondering to myself why it is so difficult to just be content with the things I do. I was so angry. So upset. Until the phone rang. It was my brother, calling from his college dorm.

My mom picked up the phone and spoke with him. I assume she told him that I was having a rough day, so he asked to talk to me. When I got on the phone, all he said was, "Go look in the Quran in chapter 2, verse 286".

So I went and picked up my Quran that he had recently bought me. I flipped through the pages until I came to the verse. Then I stared at the words and read them in my head. "On no soul does Allah place a burden greater than it can bear." I had to fight back tears. I actually felt like Allah had written those words just for me.

It was that day that I really understood what those words meant. I still reflect on the words every time I need to. So I want to tell you all, my brothers and sisters, let those remarkable words settle in your hearts and minds. Always remember that there is nothing we can not overcome. Allah said so. 

(By the way, OCD can be controlled, please reach out to a doctor if you feel you need too. Always remember Allah is watching over you).


I too have OCD and I'm still suffering from it since childhood but I don't understand how this verse is linked to OCD
Anyways guys please pray for me
Bless you all!



Below is the compilation of some comments that people posted in this article. None of these are my own but rather I have consolidated some comments , not all. If you are not sure about something medical or health related , ask your doctor/psychiatrist/psychologist . If you are not sure about something deen related , ask a religious scholar. May Allah give all of us shifa as He truly is the controller of health and illness, may He shower His mercy on us, forgive us and unite us with prophet Muhammad ( salallahu alaihi wasallam) in akhirah. Ameen .

"Allah says in the Quran : “On NO soul does Allah place a burden GREATER than it can bear.”
The best advise is to seek refuge in ALLAAH and ignore it. That is the advise of the noble prophet
when you are comfortably sitting in your room alone.. focus on your breath...just focus on it coming in and going out.
The Inconspicuous Shirk. Make sure you are not involved in it in any way.
Keep reciting 'Laa ilaa ha ilaa anta subhaanaka innee quntu mina dhaa li meen'
This is the Dua prophet Yunus recited when he was in the stomach of a whale with no way out except by trusting in Allah.
Just ignore all the bad thoughts u have ,these are from shatan and Allah Almighty will not consider it at all , The things that are out of our control will not be considered and nor we will be punished due to these, you can also search it through Islamic lectures on the same topic
Coz OCD makes us do it, u start to try again and perform it once only. Do not think. In Sha Allah, U will be fine. Satan will keep on making u do this. Don't. Allah can forgive all. If there's a mistake, Allah will take care of it. Remember, Allah knows what u r going through and He is the only one who can accept your prayers and can forgive your mistakes.
count on Allah and think, our Allah will consider the fact that we have always been in OCD
don’t take stress .the more u give importance the more it ll trigger you... and remember one thing waswas its a sign of pure faith
False alarm… "No, I'm not going to do this".
Patience and self-compassion are also very important, as you must realize that it takes time to overcome mental disorders, just as it takes time with any physical illness.
Allah provides help in many ways. Help can be had in the form of du'a, dhikr, therapy, alternative medicine, and -- in some cases -- prescription medicine.
the trick is to let the thoughts actually invite them in your mind. Its the fear that empowers them. The sooner you learn to accept and not block the thoughts the sooner you will rid yourself of this condition. And that is a promise

The other trick is not to give up inviting them (no matter the thought) and letting them flow in your mind at first it’ll be difficult but with time and practice you will be able to handle them more thus reliefing. inshallah.for more info check healthy
The National Mental Health Association, USA" points to the possibility that OCD can be caused by "Streptococcus" bacteria infection. This bacteria is reponsible for diseases like "Strep Throat" (a common disease in childhood), and how your immune system reacts to the disease has something to do with developing OCD.
"Google" with the key words: "strep throat and OCD",
reciting YA Quddus(One of Allah's names) 100 times daily is said to reduce anxiety.. and eating cool water melon too is said to help.(but easy on the melon) lol
one of the beauitful things about Islam is that fact that we are judged by our intentions.
I think we need to have tawakkul (Trust & reliance) in Allah, which is the only true cure, coz really these are wispers from Shaytan & Shaytan cannot harm the people of Tawwakkul
We need to learn our Aqeedah (our creed upon Quran & Sunnah), & take the Quran as a true spiritual cure,
Islam has truly been the greatest weapon I have ever had against it. since embracing it I have improved greatly, I can’t say why I guess the way the words are strong and commanding, the delivery is not one that can be understood by analyzing the details, they must be understood broadly, from a higher level of mind, from which this OCD is pretty much powerless"



Dear brothers and sister please pray for me. I was born Somalia but left there at age 6 due the war. I now live in America
My problem is shopping for clothing, shoes, bags. I'm also really bad staying connected to my families. i cried nonstop when recite the quran, i cried and donated to all suffering human beings, but i hate my shopping habits. I know i can help more suffering humans with what I'm wasting with unnecessary worldly materials. please pray for me
Thank you very much!



I am suffering from ocd.when someone jokes on me I cry that make me ashamed,so my thoughts says that don't to live but in faith of Allah I still alive.wat to do



Dear Brother Abdul,I have seen this website for the first time and found really helpful discussions on this thread.
May ALLAH shower His countless blessings on everyone.Aameen



AssalamuAlykoum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.
I have been diagnosed with this crazy madness since 2006 and it has been harming me ever since. It makes me do things which are shameful such as watching Pornography, prevented me from praying EXACTLY 5 times a day...



I wish I could understand verse 2:286. It's one of the few verses I really struggle with. The Quran 2:286 says "On no soul doth Allah place a burden greater than it can bear" and yet my burden is so great that I feel like I'm being crushed under its weight and everyday I wish and pray for death everyday because I can't bear this pain anymore. My entire life has been torture as far back as I can remember. I was abused by evil parents and then I had an accident that left me disabled, no longer able to work, I lost my job, my independence and then eventually I lost all my friends. I've spent my life in constant physical and emotional pain with no one to turn to for help. I've been alone and isolated stuck in my bedroom everyday watching the world pass me by. Sometimes I don't go outside for several months. I've never been in a relationship and unlikely to ever be in one because it's impossible to find love when you're disabled and also in chronic pain and unable to get outside independently to socialise. I constantly encounter all sorts of bad luck and misfortune on top of all my problems. I sometimes wonder if I'm cursed. So how does verse 2:286 apply to me when I can't bear the burden placed on me ? If suicide wasn't a sin I would have left long ago but instead I continue to feel tortured and suffer in misery and pain everyday. I have a lot of faith in the Quran so I hate the fact that I can't comprehend verse 2:286. Someone please help me understand. How does that verse relate to me?

Dear who ever you are, kindly understand your own words you said 'i would have committed suicide but I did not coz so n so..''....that speaks for know that exactly means your burden has been carried away by you...but ofcore I salute you for your quest for survival Call me your friend . Byee




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