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A sample letter to your child's principal about Ramadan

Monday October 3, 2005

Dear Mrs. Fernandez:

Greetings of Peace. We are the parents of Ameen Thawban, who is a grade five student at Purview elementary school. Ameen is in Mr. George Staten’s class.

We would like to bring to your attention the upcoming Islamic month of Ramadan, its implications for Ameen and what you can do as his principal.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the lunar calendar. This year, it is expected to begin on October 5, depending on when the new moon, which indicates the beginning of a new lunar month, is sighted.

Muslims are required to fast during this month. The fasting entails abstaining from food, drink and sex between dawn and sunset each day during the month of Ramadan, which lasts 29 or 30 days.

Although Ameen is not yet at an age where he is required to fast, he looks forward to Ramadan every year. Last year he fasted the entire month of Ramadan without it negatively affecting his health or his marks!

We would like to encourage Ameen’s participation in Ramadan again this year to cultivate his spiritual growth as a Muslim. We hope that you will support us in this decision, in the interests of Ameen, other Muslim children like him at your school, as well as tolerance and openness to diversity at Purview elementary school.

We have enclosed a sheet from the website of the Council on Islamic Education (www.cie.org) about Ramadan which can give you more information. We would also like to meet with you to discuss and seek your advice on further issues surrounding religious celebrations and holidays, so that Jameel and students of other religious backgrounds can not only grow academically at Purview, but spiritually as well.

In addition, we would like to discuss the possibility of educating other children at your school about Ramadan and its importance to Ameen and Muslims in general.

If you can kindly contact us so that we may set up a meeting this week or next week, it would be greatly appreciated. You may call us at home at (123) 555-7890 in the evenings, Mr. Thawban’s office during the day at (123) 555-3456, or Mrs. Jameel at her office during the day at (123) 555-9638.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time and attention.


Mr. Affan Thawaban and Mrs. Afshan Hasan


Your letter for the school is really great, thanks. Jaza'kaAllah.


P.A. United states

No doubt, You deserve our sincere appreciation. Proceed. Keep it up. My best wishes are always with u.


Kerala, India

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