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5 things you can do on National Hunger Awareness Day

The United States Congress recently designated June 10 as National Hunger Awareness Day.  While hunger and poverty are ongoing problems in all of America, and even more so, the rest of the world, we can use this time to work more proactively on the issue. Here are five simple things you can do:

1. Use your contacts

If, like a number of Muslims after 9/11, you've been building bridges of understanding with non-Muslims of different backgrounds, then Hunger Day is a great way to join hands as a community to do good.

Get together with the people you've befriended for this good cause. Hold a meeting and plan something for Hunger Day in your community. It could be a visit to a soup kitchen, an interfaith food drive held in your respective mosques, churches and places of worship, fasting together and then giving the money for the three meals you didn't eat to a local charity, or any other creative idea.

If nothing spectacular develops, you've at least developed and maintained important contacts that can further serve the cause of bridgebuilding.

2. Hold an open discussion in your Masjid about it

This does not involve long speeches about how Islam alleviated poverty throughout the centuries. Rather, it will be an open mike discussion with community members, men and women, to think and plan out a strategy for Muslim participation in Hunger Day. Start off the discussion by silently handing out a list of Quranic verses and Ahadith about how feeding the hungry is part of our faith. You can also provide handouts or publish in your community newsletter the articles Muslim Misperceptions about Social Services and 8 Things Masjids Can Do to Help Boost Social Services.

3. Visit a soup kitchen

If the above suggestions are not feasible, then at least on Hunger Day visit a city facility which has worked to feed the hungry in the past or volunteer at a soup kitchen. Better yet, get your family involved, especially your kids. They'll learn not only about hunger, but also about the value of volunteering.

4. Get the schools involved

Although June is hardly the time most students think about getting more involved in school, squeeze out the last bit of enthusiasm from your kids and their classmates before the summer break by having them at least post a banner about Hunger Day or setting up a table at their school about it. Let them provide factsheets to fellow students about hunger or put up a small display about hunger in America and how it affects children in particular.

5. Write about it in your local newspaper

Letters to the editor and op-ed articles are always welcome at newspapers. You don't need to be a writer to be published on these pages open to the public. Use this opportunity to spread the word about Hunger Day and to raise awereness about the problem of hunger in America, especially as it affects 9 million children.


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A number of things could be done to relieve hunger in your locality. Our organization--Muslim Community Center for Human Services--is a partner with the homeless shelter in Arlington, Texas. Muslim volunteers prepare and feed the homeless at the shelter every second and fourth Saturday of the month. All you need is at least four volunteers to go to the shelter at 6:30 AM and prepare breakfast that includes eggs, pancakes, and at times burgers. The breakfast is over in an hour and a half. The people we serve are always appreciative of our community's assistance.


Arlington, TX

feeding the poor is sadaq which has been demostrated by the Prophet. I think the Mosjid shld do more by strategically identify those who are in nedd of assistance in thier mosque.



feeding the poor is as incubent on us as the salaah which made ALLAH to lay emphassy on it in a surah and more.



it is most informative piece, But how authentic ?could you prove plaese.



helping out children who is suffering from hunger and poverty too, is a good act of how strong our faith is.



a simple act as feeding the hungry or helping out a family who is suffering from poverty can make such a great difference in someones life...



I think to gt non muslims involved in this program it is important to do something n, more. like fedding agroup of very poor people .or making them donate something to any organisation which is trying to help out these peole. if you have any informationon this we could pass it on to others.and they can make theirb paymenst there.



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