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  • Muslim Network News - February 2, 2023

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    Muslim Network is the only channel through which America can discover its Muslim neighbors. Muslim Network airs on Galaxy 19 Satellite covering USA, Canada and Mexico. It also streams on Amazon FireTV, Apple TV, and Roku.

  • FIFA WORLD CUP 2022 France & Muslim players


    FIFA world cup is one of the biggest events in the world. It is happening this year in 2022. Qatar is the first Muslim country to host this tournament.

  • China Created a Fake Eid

    China does not allow Uighur Muslims to fast. It, however, made them dance for TV this Eid to show to the Muslim world that Uyghurs are free.

    Here is a special report by Muslim Network TV.


  • Taj Mahal an Icon of Love is Under Attack

    The world famous Taj Mahal, an icon of love, is under attack in India. Here is a report by Saleha Faruque.


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