muslims in america

In the course of investigating the tragic events of September 11, law enforcement officials, like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), across the country are contacting and questioning members of the general public.  Here are some tips from the Americal Civil Liberties Union of Illinois. 

Steven Emerson

In the days following the horrific September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, you may have noticed Steven Emerson on a number of media outlets spewing his theories about "who did it?". When it comes to Emerson, nine times out of ten, right or wrong, the finger is automatically pointed at Muslims. 

2000 Presidential Candidate Al Gore

Asking these questions can not only give you an understanding of where the candidate stands in relation to the issues discussed, but they will also bring them to the attention of the candidates themselves. They may not even know about them, or they may not know that these are even issues of concern to Muslims in America.


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