Who is Steven Emerson?

Steven Emerson

In the days following the horrific September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC, you may have noticed Steven Emerson on a number of media outlets spewing his theories about "who did it?". When it comes to Emerson, nine times out of ten, right or wrong, the finger is automatically pointed at Muslims. And in the wake of these bombings he was doing it again.

Never mind that he was dead wrong when he accused Muslims of the crime of bombing the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City in 1995. Or that he accused us again in the crash of the TWA 800 plane the following year and was wrong again. That all seems to be ancient history for journalists looking for fast answers in the latest terrorist attack.

But these are just some of Emerson's mistakes for which Muslim and Arab-Americans have had to pay dearly in the form of discrimination, misunderstanding and harassment. Below is a list of links you can use to familiarize yourself with this shady "terrorism expert" who has been funded by members of the pro-Israeli lobby in America. We encourage you to read the material and forward it to friends and media outlets where Emerson has been quoted or given air time.

1. Steven Emerson's Crusade by John Sugg

Did self-styled anti-terrorism expert Steven Emerson help push the world toward nuclear war?

2. US Government's "Secret Evidence" Against Amazon Al-Najjar Has Yet to Produce Indictments by John Sugg

Let's examine Emerson's veracity?the linchpin for his reporting and the Trib(une)'s articles.

3. Court rules against Steven Emerson in defamation suit

The United States District Court for the District of Columbia has dismissed a multi-million dollar defamation suit filed by self-styled "terrorism expert" Steven Emerson against a Florida newspaper, its senior editor, and a former investigative reporter for The Associated Press (AP)

4. A Nation Deceived by "Roundtable"

Steven Emerson is part of the Council on Foreign Relations secret team. Steven Emerson is playing a role in the CFR's terrorist psyop. The Council on Foreign Relations works by targeting different groups and creating tension and hate between them.

5. "Terrorist Expert" to appear on the Senate by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)

On Thursday, April 27, Steven Emerson, is scheduled to appear before a Senate hearing on terrorism. Given Emerson's inaccurate and biased assessment of the Oklahoma City attack, Muslims must question his inclusion in the hearings.

6. Muslim basher to testify before Congress on terrorism by CAIR

CAIR is calling on members of the American Muslim community to contact Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) and express their concerns about Steven Emerson's scheduled appearance before Smith's Subcommittee on Immigration and Claims.

7. Friedman charges Stephen Emerson with intellectual terrorism by Ronald Bleier

In a letter to The Nation (September 4, 1995), Robert I. Friedman charged Steven Emerson, a journalist with a reputation as an expert on terrorism, of engaging in "strong-arm tactics" as well as "intellectual terrorism" in order to intimidate "journalists and their sources."

8. Clinton and Racial Profiling

Funny how, when Mr. Emerson is useful to the point the Times is trying to make, the newspaper identifies him neutrally and respectfully as a "terrorism expert."

9. Knee-jerk Coverage of Bombing Should Not Be Forgotten by Jeff Cohen and Norman Solomon

Hours after the bomb went off, CBS Evening News featured Steven Emerson, a ubiquitous "terrorism expert," who eagerly presented his biases as objective analysis: "This was done with the intent to inflict as many casualties as possible. That is a Middle Eastern trait."

And now for some supportive views 

10. NPR caved in and blacklisted Steve Emerson, a terrorism expert who upsets anti-Western Arab extremists by Jeff Jacoby


11. Pro-terror groups' cry of discrimination rings hollow by Jonathan Tobin

Emerson's reporting has revealed the hate and support for terror inside their groups that goes on in a routine manner inside CAIR.

Photo Attribution:  http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Steve_Emerson-color_corrected.jpg


Steve Emerson he never been expert was expert or its going to be expert he is a liar and hate monger true jerk


monroe New Jersey

I have steve on Aljazeera tv and felt so sorry that such a person is gaining eminence in the formation of the american publich opinion. Steve is a bag of hatred; and i doubt it if he like any one, jews and americans included. In Aljazeera show, he resorted to real trivial tactics of debate. Factually, he was so surficial and non-sensical. I believe he is hurting america and the american.Meanwhile, i am glad our tv stations are giving us the chance to see how mislead the american public.Keep going.


Tripoli, Libya

A man does research, and is chastised as a racist. I could see if there was no such thing as muslim fundamentalism, then emerson would be wrong. But hello, 9/11, African embassies etc...Hey I grew up with the stigma that most italians are involved in organized crime, and you know what in new york it is true.... some way or another everyone has connections. Everyone knows who is who. It is time to admit that fundamentalism has corrupted islam.


New York

Keep up your good work. Fools like Steven Emerson should be shown the backdoor in any media event.


los angeles

Very good article. Now I will get to the point:I would like for your vewpoint on a recent (who is now a US political prisoner) Islamic civil rights activist--Randall Todd (Ismail Royer). He's also my son.


St. Louis, MO

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