Profile of Muslims In Canada

A mosque on Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto

Prepared by Abdul Malik Mujahid with assistance from Amerah Egab in 


  • Muslims in Canada today number more than 750,000
  • According to the 2001 census the Canadian population consisted of 579, 600 Muslims, representing 2% of the Canadian population
  • If Muslim maintained the same growth rate as the last decade since the census, today Muslims in Canada number 753,480. (From 2001 to 2003, according to statistics from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, an estimated 132,600 Muslims immigrated to Canada. That?s a rise of 23 percent)
  • Ontario contains 61% of the entire Muslim population
  • 5% of all Toronto population is Muslims, making Toronto the highest concentration of Muslims in any city in the US or Canada
  • There are 21 Federal ridings with 7% to 14% Muslim population which can emerge as a major electoral force
  • There are 21 Federal ridings with 7% to 14% Muslim population which can emerge as a major electoral force

-- Considering that most Canadians still favor immigration and considering immigrants becoming politically significant, it is likely that open immigration will continue

-- Since the September 11 terrorist attacks many Muslims have begun to look to Canada as an alternative to the United States, where they fear bias and harassment

-- This is especially true with international students who have come to Canada in much larger numbers since 9/11 while 35% less have chosen to go to the US


The first recorded Islamic presence in Canada was the 1871 census which found 13 Muslims among the population. The first Canadian Mosque was constructed in Edmonton in 1938, when there were only about 700 Muslims in the country. The famous translator of the Quran, Abdullah Yusuf Ali inaugurated the masjid during his tour of Canada while he was working on his translation

The years after World War II saw a swift increase in the Muslim population, in the 1981 census the population was still below a hundred thousand


Muslims represent the youngest generation in Canada with a median age of 28.1 years. Compared to the Jewish and Roman Catholic populations whose median age is 41.5 and 37.8 years old, respectively. The median age for the total Canadian population is 37 years old. 3


411,520 of the total Muslim population is 15 years and older. Among these, 91% are 1st generation Canadians, 7.7% are 2nd generation Canadians, and approximately 0.9% of Muslims are 3rd generation and over. Roughly 68% of Muslims in Canada have Canadian Citizenship.

-- Typical immigrant agenda will remain dominant along with the culture and politics of the old country

-- Special consideration will be needed to find room for the second generation


  • The Muslim population consists of diverse visible minorities, where
  • 37% is of South Asian decent,
  • 21% of Arab decent,
  • 14% is of West Indian decent, and the remaining
  • 28% is made up of many other ethnicities such African, Chinese, etc.
  • Half of Muslims in Canada speak a non-official language at home. Compared to 0.32% that speaks both official languages at home.4

-- Cultural diversity may hamper intra-Muslim communication

-- Unity may become easier on the non-threatening models of networking and confederations


  • 32% of Muslims in Canada have never been married,
  • 59% are legally married and living together,
  • 2.9% are separated but still legally married,
  • 3.5% are divorced, and
  • 2.9% are widowed. Also, there are 7, 540 Muslim couples that live as common law partners.
  • There are also 21,145 Muslims in Canada who are single parents.


  • Canadian Muslims have excelled in acquiring a Master?s degree with slightly over 6% when compared with the three largest religious sects such as: Roman Catholics where only 2% hold a Master?s degree, 3.5% of individuals who stated they have no religion and the third largest religious sect in Canada being the United Church has 2.4% of it?s population holding a Master?s degree, however; 8.8% of the Jewish population in Canada hold a Master?s degree
  • 30% Muslims (123,725) Muslims were attending school in 2001.
  • 6,310 Muslims have a PhD degree

-- There are 1.5% of the Canadian Muslim population that have earned doctorates comparatively, 0.3% of Roman Catholics and 2% of Jewish population in Canada have earned doctorates.

-- Probably more Muslim PhDs in Canada than many Muslim countries.

-- 3.5% (14,520) of the Canadian Muslim have their major field of study in Humanities and related fields

-- 5.3% (21,640) have majored in social sciences and related fields


  • Muslims have the second highest unemployment rates in Canada with 14.4% of the population being unemployed, as compared to 7.4% national unemployment rate
  • The largest profession found in the Canadian Muslim population is sales and services at 27%; the second largest occupational field comprised of Muslims in Canada is the business, finance, and administrative occupations which is 16% of the population. 7

-- Is it because of the wrong skill set for the market?

-- Is it due to discrimination?

-- How does it compare with other new immigrant data? Further Research regarding Muslims in Canada

-- Income data

-- Religiosity surveys

-- Muslim interaction with other faith

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When Allah created human beings HE made him excel in knowledge compared to the angels. When the human being didn't follow the command he was sent to this world as viceroy with revelation. Those who follow the command and believe in the Hereafter are the winners and those reject are the losers. Alhamdulillah the guided ones feel sorry for those brethren who are not yet guided as they will be the losers. So the submitted ones to Allah(Muslims) even though small in number in Canada, we pray for the rest of the brethren to be guided so that they will reap the benefit of the next world which is eternal Insha Allah.



Good article..... n people dnt take this article in a wrong way, it just shows abt the population of muslims in the country.. not every muslim is bad, they knw to respect other religions also...:)


Goa, India

i like live to canada


karachi pakistan

i like live in canada


karachi pakistan

Here in England the Islamics have colonised our country, forcing white indigeous familes out of their homes by forming gangs and telling them that unless they move out their daughters will be used as sex slaves or the family murdered. They control the government and the police. And if the indigeous white people try to defend them selfs, the police which is contolled by them will not protect us. Recenty in London, Islamic youths were attacking innocent white bystanders at random. Not one of them was arrested for racism or assult. If it was white youths, they would have been beaten up and jailed. They will colonise you, take over your government and enslave the white people because they are racist.


England ,UK

and for you people that call yourself FN, you are not.they was a white mans skull found in northern quebec, that was dated back 500 years before any indian was here.and the way that you 2nd nation people have been ripping off our tax dollars, you should just go hide your far as your comment gos about how the white man stole your land. we fought you for it and won, we kicked your ass, remember, playing cowboys and indians. thats how we got our land.get over it and suck it up.miss use of funds my ass. you indians have been stealing from us for years, and thanks to some investagatting we will un cover more missuse of suck it up



in every country in the world that the muslims have gone to, end up fighting, mostly over, the dog with allah's head, kind of funny. but my point is when these people come to your country their try to take it over.than theys fighting. you people have the lowest employment level in the country which means we are supporting your ass.most of the true canadians dont want you here, and are willing to fight for our safty.and this is what it's all about is our safty. IT'S NOT RACIST, its our safty, due to your past, we dont want you in our just you can see from the posts of canadians,we all agree.and you people wont be happy until all of the world beleives in your puppy dog.well in canada this is not going to happen so save lives and go home now back where your sorry asses come from.IN GOD WE TRUST not the dog get over it.


beaverdell bc

Assalamualikum. Got some interesting facts. I heard mslims in Canada are treated much better than in Europe or the US. Don't know if it's true? Do the different races and religion get along well there?



i think the quote 2 bullets up is not nice. as christains, we love evreyody. including our muslim brothers and sisters, so to say that muslims are not welcome, and then putting b/c we are christaian country, is false because god loves everybody. i am evengelical christain and i welcome everybody of all faiths to toronto, as a diverse city, it is important that we all live in peace together. We as christains, repect islam, and every religion, and we hope that the christain-muslim relation will be stong!



The person refering to Canada as a christian country and muslims not needed. Well Excuse me ! Your forefathers stole this land from first nation people " the indian's." I will not be amazed if you have gottan lower grades in your history class.




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