Profile of Muslims In Canada |

Profile of Muslims In Canada

A mosque on Victoria Park Avenue, Toronto

Prepared by Abdul Malik Mujahid with assistance from Amerah Egab in 


  • Muslims in Canada today number more than 750,000
  • According to the 2001 census the Canadian population consisted of 579, 600 Muslims, representing 2% of the Canadian population
  • If Muslim maintained the same growth rate as the last decade since the census, today Muslims in Canada number 753,480. (From 2001 to 2003, according to statistics from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, an estimated 132,600 Muslims immigrated to Canada. That?s a rise of 23 percent)
  • Ontario contains 61% of the entire Muslim population
  • 5% of all Toronto population is Muslims, making Toronto the highest concentration of Muslims in any city in the US or Canada
  • There are 21 Federal ridings with 7% to 14% Muslim population which can emerge as a major electoral force
  • There are 21 Federal ridings with 7% to 14% Muslim population which can emerge as a major electoral force

-- Considering that most Canadians still favor immigration and considering immigrants becoming politically significant, it is likely that open immigration will continue

-- Since the September 11 terrorist attacks many Muslims have begun to look to Canada as an alternative to the United States, where they fear bias and harassment

-- This is especially true with international students who have come to Canada in much larger numbers since 9/11 while 35% less have chosen to go to the US


The first recorded Islamic presence in Canada was the 1871 census which found 13 Muslims among the population. The first Canadian Mosque was constructed in Edmonton in 1938, when there were only about 700 Muslims in the country. The famous translator of the Quran, Abdullah Yusuf Ali inaugurated the masjid during his tour of Canada while he was working on his translation

The years after World War II saw a swift increase in the Muslim population, in the 1981 census the population was still below a hundred thousand


Muslims represent the youngest generation in Canada with a median age of 28.1 years. Compared to the Jewish and Roman Catholic populations whose median age is 41.5 and 37.8 years old, respectively. The median age for the total Canadian population is 37 years old. 3


411,520 of the total Muslim population is 15 years and older. Among these, 91% are 1st generation Canadians, 7.7% are 2nd generation Canadians, and approximately 0.9% of Muslims are 3rd generation and over. Roughly 68% of Muslims in Canada have Canadian Citizenship.

-- Typical immigrant agenda will remain dominant along with the culture and politics of the old country

-- Special consideration will be needed to find room for the second generation


  • The Muslim population consists of diverse visible minorities, where
  • 37% is of South Asian decent,
  • 21% of Arab decent,
  • 14% is of West Indian decent, and the remaining
  • 28% is made up of many other ethnicities such African, Chinese, etc.
  • Half of Muslims in Canada speak a non-official language at home. Compared to 0.32% that speaks both official languages at home.4

-- Cultural diversity may hamper intra-Muslim communication

-- Unity may become easier on the non-threatening models of networking and confederations


  • 32% of Muslims in Canada have never been married,
  • 59% are legally married and living together,
  • 2.9% are separated but still legally married,
  • 3.5% are divorced, and
  • 2.9% are widowed. Also, there are 7, 540 Muslim couples that live as common law partners.
  • There are also 21,145 Muslims in Canada who are single parents.


  • Canadian Muslims have excelled in acquiring a Master?s degree with slightly over 6% when compared with the three largest religious sects such as: Roman Catholics where only 2% hold a Master?s degree, 3.5% of individuals who stated they have no religion and the third largest religious sect in Canada being the United Church has 2.4% of it?s population holding a Master?s degree, however; 8.8% of the Jewish population in Canada hold a Master?s degree
  • 30% Muslims (123,725) Muslims were attending school in 2001.
  • 6,310 Muslims have a PhD degree

-- There are 1.5% of the Canadian Muslim population that have earned doctorates comparatively, 0.3% of Roman Catholics and 2% of Jewish population in Canada have earned doctorates.

-- Probably more Muslim PhDs in Canada than many Muslim countries.

-- 3.5% (14,520) of the Canadian Muslim have their major field of study in Humanities and related fields

-- 5.3% (21,640) have majored in social sciences and related fields


  • Muslims have the second highest unemployment rates in Canada with 14.4% of the population being unemployed, as compared to 7.4% national unemployment rate
  • The largest profession found in the Canadian Muslim population is sales and services at 27%; the second largest occupational field comprised of Muslims in Canada is the business, finance, and administrative occupations which is 16% of the population. 7

-- Is it because of the wrong skill set for the market?

-- Is it due to discrimination?

-- How does it compare with other new immigrant data? Further Research regarding Muslims in Canada

-- Income data

-- Religiosity surveys

-- Muslim interaction with other faith

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The attacks in France are the beginning of the end of civilization as predicted.
Tempest, hatred, war, in Iran not ceasing,

Pluie, faim, guerre, en Perse non cessee,
Those of too great a faith will betray the Monarch;
La foy trop grand trahira le Monarque;
But the end begins in France,

Par la finie en Gaule commencee,
A secret sign for one to be hemmed-in.
Secret augure pour a un estre parque.
Quatrain #1-70: The monarchy of Persia (Iran) had existed for centuries, but in this incredible quatrain, Nostradamus predicts it's end. The great prophet informs us that the order to end it will come from France, and in 1979 the Ayatollah Khomeini, living in exile in Paris, France, does in fact give a secret order for his followers to rise up and overthrow the government. Surrounded by Muslim fundamentalist revolutionaries, the Shah is forced to flee to Egypt.

And you will see rape, pillage, and bloodshed like never before according to Nostradamus.



In the distant future there will only be two races left to battle it out. And neither will be Caucasian. Ontario will one day see a battle/ standoff worse than OKA. Wait for it....the cauldron is brewing.



I read the comments on here and other sites and laugh at the ignorant remarks made against Muslims. It appears that the best thing to do nowadays is to blame all the problems on Muslims. Being Born and raised in Canada I have seen racism and think it's better to keep racist comments to yourself rather than spreading hatred. One day all these attacks will stop and the people of the world will need a new group of people/religion to hate on.



I hope you are right. I am worried about the future for my child. I am not a religious person but I am watching the world closely. It's the qurans violent teachings that have me concerned. Ever notice that any religion of choice is almost always geographically related? Why is Canada Christian and the middle east Muslim? Because your parents were brainwashed there, and so are you. Immigration is bringing more Muslims here to be brainwashed right here on our soil. If your parents were Christian-guess what? You are too.



Why apply this logic to religion alone?. Nationality is also strongly linked to geography. Why are a majority of folks in Canada, Canadians vs a majority of Saudis in Saudi Arabia?
If your parents from a certain nationality, then chances are high that you will be the same.
Apply the same logic to language, Why are a majority of German speakers in Germany & a majority of Japanese speaker in Japan?
If your parents spoke a certain language as their mother tongue, then chances are high that you will also have the same mother tongue.
Does this turn nationality/language into non entities? Is this brainwashing?. Every country believes they are the best. Is that brainwashing?. Every language claims to be the best. Is that racist towards others?
You do NOT have to be worried for you child. Islam is not & will never be your enemy. Qur’an does not teach violent things. PERIOD.
Islam claims to be the truth & with that claim comes certain behaviors, which you will not see with systems which do not make such a claim. Do not consider Islam as an enemy just because it claims to be the truth. You are free to use your intellect & judge for yourself.

Well, the story looks like a truth because I have been re-searching on people and communities living in Canada. However, I don't have enough resources to go Canada.
Its my dream country and yes I must say its a safe place for every religion to live in. One day I will have enough money to go and PR card so that I can spend rest of my life in Canada.



Well, i'm a Muslim so far, my boyfriend is Canadian, his religion is Catholic. We know what we did. idk what I have to do now, maybe one day, I can't live or doing something great like make a sweet family or anything else.


Los Angeles

Hi!I really liked the facts but how authentic are they?? You have no referenced anything. Please can you tell me what your sources are.




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