Review of Hijab: An Act of Faith

You've heard what journalists have said about it; you've heard what feminists have said about it; now hear what Muslim women are saying about the Hijab, and why they wear it.

Hijab: An Act of Faith successfully smashes age-old stereotypes about Muslim women and the Hijab by doing something others often fail to do: let Muslim women speak for themselves.

You will find mothers, wives, Ph.D.s, students and activists, amongst others, speaking candidly about why they decided to don the Hijab, and how it truly is, an act of faith.

Hijab gives a sense of inner peace and modesty by shifting the focus from a woman's physical beauty to her mind and character, say some of those interviewed for the video.

Others speak about how Hijab facilitates interactions between men and women by making men take women seriously.

For some of the other women in the documentary, wearing Hijab gives them a positive sense of identity as Muslims.

The women in Hijab: An Act of Faith do not, however, shy away from bringing up the nastier problems faced by Muslims when wearing the Hijab.

Katherine Bullock and Jennifer Zaghloul are two of the Hijabi who speak about the struggle to begin wearing Hijab and the negative reactions they faced from employers and coworkers because of their choice.

Of additional interest is the perspective of a sister who also wears the Niqab or the face-covering, and is a student at the University of Toronto in Canada.

What struck me as I watched the video was how strong these Muslim women were. They were clear in their thinking, articulate and intelligent, a far cry from the “damsel in distress” many have painted Muslim women as for centuries.

This video is a must-see for anyone who wants to learn about Hijab from those who can give us the insider's view: Hijabis.

Photo Attribution:  Nick Leonard (Jungle Boy) -


Great keep the good work. Jazakoum Allah khair. Thank you for the tremendous effort.


Fredericton NB

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