From darkness to light: A Muslim teen's journey to Islam |

From darkness to light: A Muslim teen's journey to Islam

From darkness to light: A Muslim teen's journey to Islam

October 31, 1983, born to a young, well to do, spoiled “Muslim”couple. They named her Saman, meaning flower. The gorgeous mother delighted to have a baby daughter at the age of 20, planned to raise her like she had been raised, as a delicate flower. Honest father running a successful family business was thrilled to welcome a new member to the family. Both filled with pride, mother of her beauty and father of his success, had never had a glass of water on their own, surrounded with servants and raised with moral values and the idea of “Modernism” were going to teach the same to their new born.

As she grew up her parents pampered her and loved her more than anything in life. With their moral values and a little God consciousness, they had to teach her the Quran. Father had long forgotten how to read it, as he had closed the Quran after his last lesson with his teacher and never opened it again, though he never missed the Friday prayers. Mother completed her rituals on Fridays as well; she read the book but only at innovations or social gatherings. For the task of labeling their daughter as Muslim they appointed a Quran teacher,who did his job, taught her a few extra things and was on his way.

Thirteen years had passed by and now this little girl was a teenager. Mother and daughter had a strong bond of friendship; she followed in mommy’s shoes. Never seen in anything but designer clothes, latest sandals and adorned with finest things of life. Respecting her father’s moral values, she was saved from being a snob and kept within the limits set by her parents. Unfortunately those limits far exceeded Allah’s boundaries. By the age of fourteen she was into music, parties, guys etc…

Influenced by the Islamic classes, she had been going to out of respect for her neighbor, she stopped wearing short clothes and controlled her desire for guys, though she was friends with lots.

Meanwhile her mother’s consciousness called upon her and asked her what she knew about Islam, unable to answer, she began attending classes too. On the first day, she quickly covered her head with a see through chiffon scarf while entering the class and pulled it off immediately on leaving.

A lot changed over time and eventually she was guided to the righteous path; she now said her prayers regularly along with her previous social life. She also began influencing the family towards Islam, her husband was always a cultured person and now he was also Allah conscious. Allah blessed them with the opportunity of Hajj; mother started wearing hijab and long robes, once again the most expensive and designer ones that defeated the purpose, but it was just the start.

Saman was now stuck between two worlds, without her mother nagging her she seriously began taking interest in her classes and Islamic studies. She began going through an internal conflict, should she choose to continue being a trend-setter or should she rebel against her own rules and cover herself according to Islamic guidelines?

The power of Islam convinced her within four months and now at 15 she began her journey to the truth. She was ready to get back to her friends after a month’s vacation as a slightly changed person.

First day in school, her friends’ mouth dropped opened, “Oh my god! What’s wrong with you? I wouldn’t be surprised if you showed up in a mini skirt, but this!!!” She just smiled and shook her head; within seconds received another comment from a passer by, “ I know you are daring but please don’t play around with hijab, have some respect for religious beliefs.”

She was known for being outspoken and didn’t delay to announce proudly, “You guys this is not a joke or a dare, I’m seriously following Allah’s orders.” “Is this a miracle or what? What happened to your “I wouldn’t be caught dead in hijab, it’s for conservative people, spare me”.” Ashamed of those harsh words she had said out of ignorance, Saman begged for forgiveness and went on with her new life. Unlike other people, taking hijab was her first step in Islam, she still fed on movies and breathed music and nurtured on ICQ.

Not to forget it had only been a year since her family reunited with Islam and truly four months for herself. As those initial stages gradually passed by. Her cloths became more decent; her mom started wasting less money on lavish clothes and gave it in sadakah and zakah (charity) instead.

Saman cut down on movies and chatting except with her closest friend, since the 5th grade, they both were famous for their playful and mischievous behavior, friends called them “The inseparable duo.” Unfortunately her best friend was a guy, if she could leave him for Allah she could do anything for Allah. Once she realized that, her decision was abrupt, as usual her determined personality lead her to tell her friend that Allah is dearer to her than he is.

Automatically everything became easier onwards, her ICQ had totally ended, quitting movies and music was a piece of cake as now she was no longer under the strong influence of her friends asking her to watch this movie or listen to that song.

Thanks be to Allah her strength in Islam became stronger and stronger day by day. Naturally from an extended family like hers there were a million and one oppositions but Allah guided her and she kept telling herself “Allah is more important than family.” Fighting with her own thoughts was easy, though they were more convincing than family. “Maybe I should wait till university or wait till I get married. What if no one talks to me? I have my entire life for Allah, right now is too early.”

These thoughts were over come by the fear of Hell, “What if I die tomorrow? What am I going to tell Allah, I was waiting till I got old? This is just Satan working on my mind, I have the guidance, The truth, The Noor, The Light, The Quran, don’t need to worry about the world.”

The attitude of “My hijab is an act of worship and none of anyone else’s business” helped her from darkness to light. Now she strives hard to follow Islam not as a religion but as a way of life. Praying to Allah for forgive and thanking him for the guidance and for letting her younger brother be brought up in a Muslim home. There is one issue she doesn’t understand; if she can understand the truth why can’t others? People are not stupid so why doesn’t everyone follow the path of Allah?


Rasulullah (sallahu Aaihi Waslam) reports that Allah says "when Allah Intends good for a person He grants him the understanding of deen"No doubt that this young girl is a living example & an eye opener for all!


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