Hajj Dua: that every Hajji should strive to make

Hajj Dua: that every Hajji should strive to make

Hajj Dua is essentials for those making the Hajj pilgrimage, these are the last weeks of preparation before heading Zil hajj starts and hajjis are off to the journey of a lifetime. Amid the scramble to confirm travel and visa requirements, pack necessities, and tie up business at home to ensure full focus during Hajj, will be requests from family and friends for Dua.

Many pilgrims keep a written list handy throughout Hajj, dutifully offering their own supplications and those of loved ones. Others may save them on their cellphones.

Regardless of the method chosen, Hajj is an excellent opportunity for Hajj Dua , a time when we are visitors to God’s house, when we are not distracted by our day to day lives, and are more focused on worship, the very purpose of our pilgrimage.

Below are a few suggested Duas we can make during the journey of a lifetime.

  1. (Upon seeing the Kaba) Oh Allah, please accept all the Duas I make during Hajj and for the rest of my life.
  2. Ya Allah, I have committed countless sins, both big and small, many of which I may not even realize. Please forgive me for all of them and make me sensitive to my sins.
  3. Oh God, make me a just person who does not violate the rights of others. I know that You can forgive me for the wrong I have committed, but others may not. Please help me be just and seek forgiveness from  others.
  4. Oh Allah, help me overcome my bad habits that keep me far from You, and help me develop habits that will bring me closer to You.
  5. My Lord, cure me of insincerity in my words and actions. Make every good deed I do be purely for Your sake and no one else’s.
  6. Oh God, thank You for every blessing I have - my faith, my health, my family, my job, my friends, my home, my nieghbors. Please continue to bless me in this life and please bless me with closeness to You in Paradise in the Hereafter.
  7. Ya Allah, open my heart towards my neighbor and open the hearts of neighbors towards us.
  8. Oh God, help me become better neighbor, better citizen and better Muslim.
  9. Dear Lord, help the people who are struggling for freedom, liberty and justice.
  10. Ya Allah, this life keeps me so busy and I sometimes feel distant from You. Make it easy for me to seek ways of nearness to You when I come back from Hajj in my daily life, and make me a Hereafter-oriented person.
  11. My Creator, make me a source of good in this world, a person who benefits others and is of service to them so that You will be pleased with me when I face You on the Day of Judgment.
  12. Oh God, strengthen my faith and make me a strong believer in all circumstances.
  13. Ya Allah, let me come back from Hajj changed for the better for the rest of my life. 
    The above 13 points sum up the Hajj Dua.


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