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Tales of old

A parent's love is as a wound, which heals with time
But as time, it leaves a memory and a scar
As they took care of you when you were weak
Have you taken care of them?
You were a child and they gave you all that you have
They struggled to make a living for you
Your mother went through so much pain to give birth to you
All those night she kept from sleep to tend to your aid
As old age creeps up on them, it is than they need you most
To take care of them as they took care of you
Soon your time will come and your parents won?t be there
Who will take care of you then?

Your life is like a story, which begins with them
A tale of old, which they don't forget
And they will tell you what you used to do
Your first word, your first step, your first school
Like a video player they play it in their mind
You are no longer that child you used to be
But some one who has grown to be independent
But with that you tend to forget your parents
Your mother is someone you can't bear to lose
And your father, you can't live without

We are the days that go by and leave us close to old age
Are we that child that used to put a smile upon his face?
Are we the ones that she dedicated her time too?
Are we the ones they gave their love to
Now the past has gone taking a piece of us with it
Those who took care of us are weak with old age
And Allah wants them back
Their deathbeds await them at a time unknown
Where will you be?
Did you help her when she was in need of it?
Did you bless them with a grand child for them to play with?
Time is ticking and you will come to miss them so
Did you speak to them harshly with out giving a thought?
Did you take that job they wanted you to take?
Now as you pray for them that Allah accepts them in paradise
Think, what did you do to repay their love?
Paradise is under your mother's feet.



This is a really inspiring poem. it really made me think about the way i treat my parents and appreciate all that they have done and are still doing. good job and i wish you the best. Salam



brilliant poem, everything in it is true, it made me think alot and hopefully it will stay in my mind and i will change to.



This poem was so moving that it brought me to tears. I intend to place this poem in my room so I always remember to honour, and respect my parents always.


Mississauga, Ont.

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