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Women in Islam and Muslim Society

By Dr. Hassan Turabi

Dr Hassan al-Turabi, based in Sudan, is one of the leading scholar of Islam. Equiped with traditional Islamic education from Sudan and a Ph.D from Sorbonne, he is among the unique few leaders-scholars of the Muslim world. He has served Sudan as Speaker of the parliament, Attorney General, Minister of Justice, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Deputy Prime Minister. Dr Turabi wrote his booklet in Arabic in 1973. We are republishing this here with his permission.


1) Tafseer Ibn-Katheer
2) Tafseer Al-Tabari
3) Fath Al-Bari, By Ibn-Hajar Al-Asqalani Commentary on Sahih Al-Bukari
4) Al Jami Al Saheeh By Al-Tirmidhee
5) Saheeh Muslim
6) Sunan Abu Dawoud
7) Sunan Ibn-Maja
8) Al Isabah Fi Tamyeez Al Sahabah By Ibn-Hajar
9) Tabaqat By Ibn-Saad
10) Tareekh By Tabari
11) Sunan By Al Nisai


First of all i think to u sir this book is full of knowalage i also want to write a book like this and Allah bless u

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