Muhammad: The Call |

Muhammad: The Call

Muhammad's heart was restless about the moral evils and idolatry that were rampant among his people. The Arab society of his time was torn by dissentions, fratricidal wars and inter-feuds. In other parts of the world the state of affairs was no better. Christianity and Judaism, the chief moral forces of the world, were torn by bitter strife and conflict. The mighty empire of Rome, whose seat had been, three centuries before, moved from the banks of the Tiber to the shores of the Bosphorus, was sinking into decrepitude. The rival empire of Persia had also lost the vigour of its earlier time. Humanity was, in fact, passing through hard times. Sensitive men everywhere were peering into the turmoil of this turbulent human scene in search of some light through which the future of their race might be divined. They had been eagerly looking forward to a new Master-Word to control this life. The world needed a new formula to heal its divisions and to liberate humanity from its worship of false gods and to build ordered peace on earth.

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