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Women in Islam: 5 Social Media Tips

March is Women’s History Month. It celebrates the contributions, struggles, and sacrifices of women the world over. It’s also an ideal time for Muslims to share an alternate view of women’s rights and realities in our faith - a topic fraught with confusion for many.

Social media platforms like Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook spread information quickly and widely, offering Muslims an effective way to talk about Muslim women from our angle. Here are some ideas. 

1. Share powerful graphics 

People can remember 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later, compared to about 10% of written content three days after it’s read. That’s why the best social media campaigns feature unique and attractive photos, drawings, etc.

So whatever information you’re sharing, make sure there is some kind of graphic to go with it. Whether it’s a photo of an activist doing something or campaigning for a cause, or a drawing of something that symbolizes them and their work, make sure to choose pictures that make your post memorable.

2. Choose the right hashtags

Hashtags are like keys to the doors leading people to your posts on social media. This is especially the case on Instagram and on Twitter. Anyone who clicks on a hashtag or searches for it will get to a page that has all of the posts tagged with it.

Instagram is the platform where hashtags are most important, but it matters for Twitter as well. Besides the obvious #muslimwomen #muslimwoman #muslimgirls #muslim #islamic and #islam, you can also use #islamichistory, #muslimhistory, #strongwomen #womenempowerment #womenleaders. As well, #womenshistorymonth should be used on every post on Muslim women in March. 

3. Tweet updates/info about Women in Islam

The beauty of social media is that it encourages brevity in communication, something Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, recommended as well. Find or develop your own short tidbits of information about women in Islam. 

4. Get Muslim events get covered

Masjids, Islamic centers, Muslim Students’ Associations, along with many other Islamic organizations, present some great programs during Women’s History Month. Post pictures and short comments about them on your social media handles (accounts). 

5. Ensure your Masjid/Islamic center/MSA is on board

Individual efforts are important, but outsiders will look to what Masjids, Islamic centers, and Muslim Students’ Associations are saying and doing as representatives of Islam. If your Masjid, Islamic center, or MSAdoes not already have one, work with them to establish a social media committee. Take advantage of Women’s History Month to post interesting information about women in Islam on their social media accounts, along with relevant links.


Salams it's not easy but if you start young slightly before puberty and hormones kick in
Also it's important for the young ladies to understand the requirements for covering up rather than foring it on them .
Hijab is a must but it should be from their heart to worship Allah and become closer to our creator.
Rather then from the parents heart !
Facts and figures and beautiful role models both externally and more so internally can also help.



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